Sunday, April 29, 2007

Things went downhill so fast

Yesterday Miss H woke up from her nap at 6:00 or so with a 102.3 fever. I took off her clothes and tried to give her a cool bath. She cried, so I gave up on that idea and rocked her a bit. Finally I thought she might be hungry so I had D bring me a container of her soup, and I showed her her new Busy Ball Popper toy and gave her some Ibuprofin and cold medicine. She was happy as pie. She ate like a pig, laughed and giggled and had a blast with her new toy and she even insisted on going outside to walk around and around the cars as she laughed and giggled. She was still smiling as we put her to bed. But a couple hours later we heard her wimpering in her sleep. I went to check on her and she was burning up. I pulled her down from the corner of her crib, where she had her face smothered in her bumper, and she wimpered and scooted right back to the corner. I went to talk to Dan. She was coughing like crazy. He went to check on her, and tried like I did to pull her down. She woke up freaking out, screaming and crying. I picked her up and rocked her. She laid on my chest...she was breathing so fast and hard, and she'd stop every once in a while like she was kind of struggling. And she was mumbling something, with her eyes closed. We took her temp again and it was 103.7 or something crazy like that. We called the hospital. They listened to her breathing over the phone, called Hailey's pediatrician to ask him what to do, and he said bring her in to the ER right away. We went in, and by then she had a 104.1 temp and they were really worried. She kept wanting too just go back to sleep. They had me give her a full dose of Tylenol AND Motrin at once to bring her fever down, and she was in nothing but a diaper. They had a pediatric intensive care unit nurse come in and look her over. He strongly suggested we go ahead and get the blood work going and get an IV in her before the dr. even sees her. That was horrible. She cried and cried while I held her down, and looked around at everyone but me like she couldn't figure out what in the heck was going on. Finally they were done with that, and I was able to hold her again. I was sweating from holding her, she was so hot. We put a cool rag on her forehead and back over and over. They wanted chest xrays. I had to hold her down for that as well and the nurse got pissy when my hand somehow got in the way in one shot even though it was nowhere near my daughter?? I told the other nurse that was seeing Hailey that she needed to tell me if my hand was going to be in the way, not bitch to her assistant about it right in front of me. I got really pissy. I grabbed my daughter off the table and left the room. He apologized and said sometimes people get burnt out and get pissy about EVERYTHING and really need to leave their jobs and find something new to do. No joke. They all couldn't believe it was my first baby, with the way I was handling her. One nurse(we had 3, they were all so worried) even went so far as to tell Dan I was an amazing woman and mother. Eventually after about an hour the Tylenol and Motrin kicked in, and she was a different kid from when we brought her in. She insisted on walking out into the hall, in nothing but her diaper and pink socks, IV in tow. She wanted to sit in the chair in the hallway all by herself, and yelled at people as they walked by, calling a couple of the young male nurses "dada" much to my husband's dismay. She was still wheezing, and coughing her deep rattling cough, but she had no problems showing the dr. her belly button or making hilarious faces at everyone that walked by. Then the dr. came over to tell us what was wrong...what was making our baby so sick. She listened to him so intently, like she was absorbing and understanding every single word he said. She has pneumonia. It came on so fast. They started her antibiotics through her IV. They were really hesitant, but based on how she was acting(she eventually crashed from all the excitement and things she'd just put her through) and they decided to send us home. They almost kept her overnight. She slept through the nurse taking out the IV and pulling off that horribly sticky tape. She was so tired now that she was feeling somewhat better. We went by Walgreen's to pick up her presription and we got home about 4:30. I rocked Hailey to sleep like normal and tried to put her in her crib. She was out. But the second her body touched that crib mattress, she woke up screaming and freaking out. No way was I making her sleep all alone after what she'd just been through. I took her to bed with us, without any hesitation, and she slept between us all morning. D had to get up to go to the Lake to play golf w/ the golf team. He really did NOT want to go, but he had to the poor thing. So H and I slept this morning, and I never noticed her coughing except maybe a couple times, and her bare arms are actually cold now so I think her fever has stayed down. She's still asleep and it's 11:30. My mom is on her way over to help us out today. Hopefully when H wakes up she's in a good mood and feeling better. I was so worried last night. I just want my baby better, I'm tired of her being sick all the time. I just don't understand it. And how she can go downhill so fast like that. It was so scary. My poor little Peanut.


Wendy said...

AWW! That must have been so scary! I hope that she is doing much better! I remember going through that with Wes! He was always so sick:( Get better soon, Hailey!

Kristin said...

OMG! What a nightmare! I'm glad she didn't have to spend the night at the hospital & she's back home recovering with you.