Thursday, April 5, 2007


Had an appointment with my dentist at noon today to get my teeth cleaned. Didn't it so much this time, for some reason it didn't hurt as bad!(although they all ache now of course, from the cleaning--which is perfectly normal and happens every time) I don't know what I've been doing different, but apparently I have "absolutely beautiful teeth" and they said my "gums are the healthiest they've ever seen them, pefectly pink and didn't bleed a bit!" WOOHOO! I actually feel really proud of myself for these complements, because while I've always had decent teeth I've never been told they are absolutely beautiful, and my gums have ALWAYS bled during cleanings and been a bit inflamed/red. I also think that Crest gel gunk that I've been putting on my teeth has really paid off, they are looking really nice and white! And I've only used about 6 days worth of the stuff... anyway, yay for me and my beautiful healthy teeth!

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