Monday, April 2, 2007

Apparently Guavas are yucky... and a cheesy mom moment

In case anybody sees the new Yoplait flavors that just came out, Guava and Passion Fruit...and in case you're feeling adventerous and think "hmm, I think I'll try those..." If you've never had a Guava, I really don't recommend trying the yogurt. I've never had a real Guava. They look really yummy. Apparently I don't like Guava.

Not a bad weekend, got a lot of crap put away/thrown away Saturday because 1. I was still looking for this huge check we'd lost and NEED to pay rent this week and 2. I think I got hit with the Spring cleaning bug. House looks semi nice for once. Went to the movie with my sister Saturday night after eating at this Chinese place we used to love. The food is not that great anymore unfortunately so that sucked. And my sister is in this funk lately...she goes through these moody she's not really fun to be around right now, so that kind of sucked. But the movie(Blades of Glory) was pretty funny. If you like that rediculous mindless humor that is "Will Ferrel"...which I do.--"I wanna cut off your skin and wear it to my birthday"(HAHAHA)--Then she stayed the night that night, and that turned out to be no fun at ALL. She refuses to turn her cell to vibrate. She insists she has to leave it on ring at all times. This means I got woken up literally every 30 minutes, the WHOLE NIGHT...I am not joking. H slept until 10:30 Sunday...I could have majorly caught up on some sleep! But sister's damn phone kept going off. And then she had set the alarm for 8:00...WHY??? I asked her, and she said "well what time do you get up with H?" HELLO! I said "whatever time she wakes up!" So she said "ok"....and reset her alarm for 9:00!!!!!!!! WTF?!?! I was pretty upset. Her alarm went off at 9:00 and she got up and went home to get ready because apparently we were supposed to go to dinner at my grandma's that day, which the whole family had failed to tell me until late Saturday night(I am ALWAYS the last to know everything, it drives me insane...from now on if I don't know about it in advance, I am most likely not going...but this was my grandma, so of course I went). And of course once my sister left, I couldn't get back to I laid in bed til H woke up at 10:30. I found her trying to climb her bumper pad...guess it's time to move her crib down to the very bottom notch. Anyway, I could bitch about some other things from yesterday, but I'm not going to. It was a pretty good weekend. I'm missing my husband like crazy, and he's really missing us. We've had great conversations this whole golf season...usually I end up getting frustrated with him on the phone while he's gone because he wants to say hi bye and get off the phone. He's been actually talking to me and we haven't fought about getting off the phone a single time. It's been great. And I just miss him so bad. I want him home.

I had a dream last night that I had finally finished the huge mountain of laundry I have to do...WOW what a great feeling! Then I woke up and there it was, piled high next to the bathroom at the end of our bed...crap...just a dream.

As I mentioned above, I had been looking for this check for days...tearing the house apart, and it was NOWHERE. Not in the car, not at my mom's, not in my mom's car. It was gone, for good, I just knew it. My mom kept saying she'd help me look, she'd help me look, don't worry it's there somewhere...I worried all week, and all weekend, I just knew it was gone. She FINALLY came over last night to look. I told her it's nowhere, I've checked everywhere there is to check. And she goes in my dining room and picks up a big envelope, looks inside and finds a stack of mail. OH YEAH...I shoved it all in there so I wouldn't lose any of it. 30 seconds people. That's all it took her to find this check. I had been looking ALL WEEK. 30 seconds...awesome mommy skillz. And while on this topic, I should mention how we got a Red Lobster gift card for Christmas from the in-laws. And I promptly lost it. Of course. Looked everywhere, for so long...told the in-laws I'd lost it and I was so sorry. Mother-in-law comes over. Walks in H's room. "Oh what's this??" as she picks a little red and green box up off H's shelf of stuffed animals. Again...not even 30 seconds. This is one mommy skill I cannot wait to aquire. I asked D last night how many years he thought it would be, and he said he thought 5 years of practice should do it...God I hope so, that's gonna be awesome...

H is talking like crazy all of a sudden. She loves all things nature lately, so of course she's saying "dird"(bird), "dush"(bush), "tee"(tree), "cat." And she says "ball" and "moa"(more) and "ite"(bite) among other things. She's such a good baby, so happy(most of the time!). She absolutely LOVES to go places. Go go go, she always wants to be on the go. She loves to sit at the back sliding glass door leaning up against the screen yelling at the birds(her new favorite...and I put sunflower seeds in the back yard to attract them). She's happy as pie if I let her run around in nothing but a diaper and leave the door open so she can get some fresh air. She loves her family, she loves her friends...she loves shopping(as any girl would), and she loves Walmart! Her new favorite foods are goldfish crackers(imagine her sitting in the cart at Walmart, 5 goldfish shoved in her mouth, orange drool running down her chin, with her hand in the bag grabbing her next mouthfull)...and strawberries, she LOVES strawberries. I think she's going to turn into a basket of fruit...she eats so many bananas and cups of all-natural applesauce a day! I just cannot believe she's almost one, and I'm packing away her winter clothes, that she'll never ever wear again...and she's been such a wonderful happy easy baby...and now she's growing up, turning into a toddler.

And she's been so snuggly lately, and I eat it up every time she crawls into my lap. I know the moments of cuddling her like a little baby are going to come to an end before I know it. She's getting so big!! She's growing up too fast. Finally, FINALLY, I'm having one of those cheesy moments where I'm sitting there looking at her little pink winter hat with the pom pom on top and crying, thinking that this year went by way, way too fast.

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that's funny, I bought those yogurts today but haven't tried them