Monday, April 30, 2007

She done got P-nuemonia

I'm home with Hailey today. My gut instinct was that I needed to stay home with her, that she should not go to daycare. She's been pitiful today. Still coughing and wheezing, feeling hotter than usual. I took her to the dr. again today for them to check up on her. He said she can go outside if she wants if it's not too hot, which is great because she's been BEGGING to go out. She'll go to the front door and stand there smacking the door knob, screaming.

While I'm thinking of it, I need to document the fact that I remembered a few more words she can say(these may be repeats from the list before??)...hopefully I'll be updating her baby book soon, and it helps to be able to go back and read this because I have a horrible memory! I can't remember squat!


The sitter just called...her 1 year old son, Hailey's bestest friend in the whole wide world, also has pnuemonia. Seriously do these 2 have to do EVERYTHING alike? Pnuemonia isn't contagious. They must have caught some cold virus and coincidentally they both developed pnuemonia from it. Poor babies!

All I can think is oh God, my grandma has got to be looking down at me from heaven shaking her finger and chastising me for letting my daughter get P-neumonia. For the record, no I do not know how to correctly spell that word. Just bear with me. Jeez is that the correct "bear"...or is it "bare"?? I was awesome at English in highschool, I promise. But like I said. I can't remember squat. Anyway my grandma always warned us to "wear a jacket so you don't catch P-neumonia!" And she said it like that, saying the letter "P"...P nuemonia. She was so funny. So now all I can think is oh God I done went and let my daughter get the P Neumonia. What a mommy I am. SIGH

Hailey has been talking non stop today. This morning she rambled off a long story, of which I understood nothing, and then sat there looking at me saying "huh?" "HUH?" Increasingly louder and more and more impatient every time, til I said "YEA!" and that apparently satisfied her that I'd heard her story. They learn and change this quickly, seriously? New words pop out of her mouth daily, I can't even keep up. I can't even begin to describe how much she has changed even in the last week.

In other news....I'm now on Chapter 7 of The Giver. It's getting good! Also, my house is fairly clean! Even under the circumstances, I did quite a bit of picking up/cleaning yesterday. I'm now almost to the bottom of the one-time mountain of laundry I had!! YAY! Of course now I have these piles of folded clothes sitting around all over my bedroom and living room. But hey at least they're clean. Also, it's at least 85 degrees outside's so friggin hot. I don't see how I'm going to get Hailey through the summer without her skin getting darker. Even with me slathering her with sunscreen, it still tans her skin a bit :o(

Ok I have a headache, crap.


Dianna said...

HOpe that the fresh air does Hailey some good! Such a funny story about your grandmother:) Made me giggle!

Wendy said...

Sorry! That was me! I have been helping Dianna with her blog and I forgot to sign out of her account! OOPS!

Mof2 said...

Hope Hailey gets to feeling better soon!