Friday, November 16, 2007


I'll start off with the good news. D got our 1st loan check today! This is the 1st one we applied and got approved for, the one that the school has been jerking us around saying they didn't have the money for us...the one we didn't think we'd have til the end of this year! AND, the 2nd loan check is in the mail to us right now, arriving any day(hopefully it's in our mailbox at home right now as I type this!!) That's really really good news. We're going to be able to get stuff paid off and have a Christmas this year! We're really excited about this!

I'm also excited about my sister's bridal shower this Sunday. I'm not too terribly excited about having to have my house spotless for these people(I LOVE having a clean house, but I just don't have the energy required to do EVERYTHING like I'd like)....but it'll be nice to see everybody and play a couple (hopefully fun) games. And hopefully my sister gets some neat stuff!

With that said, I'm really sorry but I have to complain a bit. Well, not really complain, more like just be sad for a minute. I am so incredibly glad it's Friday. I really don't mind my job, even though it can be stressful at times. I don't mind being constantly makes the days go by faster! What is bothering me and making me want the weeks to fly by, are the attitudes of the people I work with. I really get along with all of 2 people in this building (I think there are something like 16 people in the building)...coincidentally, those 2 people are the other 2 "new" people. One, being my boss, started here 4 months before I did. Her boss is her husband's best friend. When I started here everybody made it clear to me that nobody likes her. I never have been able to figure out why. She is such a nice person, and like me she just wants to fit in. The other person is a woman that started the end of August, replacing me as the receptionist when I got my promotion. Again, everybody tells me they can't stand her. "She's too helpful!" they say. "She's into everybody's business!" ?????? From what I can see, she's just very serious about her job and wants to be very thorough...and yes, while I have seen her go a bit overboard trying to help people that come into our office, is this really something to hate her over? Maybe annoyed a bit, sure, but to write her off completely? I do sort of get along with one other person, but really I think it's because she's my father in law's friend's wife. So she knows our family and therefore she can't really be rude to my face. She tells me what everyone thinks of the other 2 women I get along with here. I'm not a stupid person, although I may seem it at times(I blame it on mommy/wife brain aka I'm so tired I can't think straight syndrome). I can pretty much deduct that if someone talks bad about others to my face, and others obviously don't like me, then it's pretty certain she talks bad about me behind my back as well. Even though she swears that's not the case. These women are in their 30's, 40's and 50's. And yet they act like they're in high school. It really is quite ridiculous. And really, it's not even the fact that they don't "like" me. I'm an adult, I know not everyone I meet is going to care for me. These women(and 2 guys) have their tight little group, that until January of this year was completely un-broken by "newbies." Add to this the fact that I'm a bit socially inept and come across sometimes as a weirdo(or a bitch, which I was surprised to find out in the past!)...I knew not EVERYONE was going to like me. But come on! The whole building not liking the 3 new people? Seriously? What hurts is when one of the other people bring in pictures of their kids, or their kids themselves, everybody gathers around and talks forever about how cute the kids are. When my boss or I bring in our kids, people MAY get up and walk by to take a peek but they don't stop and chat, don't talk up how cute the kids are, don't try to interact with the kids. ???? It makes me feel so crappy. And nobody wants to see my pictures. If I ever do get up the guts to go around and show pictures of Hailey, nobody says anything about them. Like she's the ugliest thing they've ever seen or something and nobody wants to admit it. Seriously, that's how they act. It just makes it hard, when you know everybody's talking behind your back(ok I'm not just speculating or being paranoid here, I have literally walked in on conversations about me and they DIDN'T STOP TALKING!)...I was so excited to work here, everybody seemed so nice! And then I refused to be rude to my now boss(she was then just a coworker) because as I told everybody, I didn't have a problem with her like they did, and since then nobody has liked me. I really hate having to deal with this everywhere I go. The place before, the "Hell Hole," I hated my boss and the way they ran things. But for the most part I got along with my coworkers great. They made my days the tiniest bit bearable. Now it's my job keeping me here, the money it provides and the way they run the company...and the people are the downfall. I guess you just can't have it all, but darn that sure would be nice! Hopefully I won't have to be here forever. Until then, I just wish people would quit being so blatantly rude to me, or at least tell me they don't give a crap flat out so I'd quit wasting my time trying...

With that said(and thanks for listening), I am very excited about getting Hailey's pictures taken again finally after all this time. I'm on the hunt for an outfit, a dress or pant set or something! Has anyone seen anything cute lately anywhere while they were out shopping?? I haven't been shopping forever since I haven't had the money!! Hailey still wears about 18 months...if I have time later tonight I may post some ideas I have, to get your opinions!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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Jaime said...

Ugg the dreaded "high school" drama. I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

Since they are silly dumb bunnys (as Junie B. would say) I'll just tell you now that Hailey is a cutie pie.

I hate this kind of behavior from people. It's only because they are only secure in their little group. I guarantee you if you met just one of them out in public they'd be totally different.