Monday, November 12, 2007

Hello Monday

I have just a few complaints this morning to get off my chest...please bear(or is it bare?) with me.

~I'm tired! I stayed up late last night cleaning the kitchen and in I didn't go to bed til after midnight. People are meeting at our house before we head off to the concert, and I didn't want them to see my house looking crappy. Most of them wouldn't care, but one girl(who just happens to be pregnant by accident) is very judgemental and b*tchy and I just couldn't bring myself to be like "Yea my house is messy so what! I have a kid and I work full time!" No, I cleaned, and I did a good job, but now I'm tired.

~My psoriasis is really acting up. So are my sinuses...I'm attributing both to the incredibly dry air we have floating about right now. It hurts to breathe, and my scalp is a flaky bleeding mess (makes me feel so grody, seriously--even though nobody can see it but me)...BLAH

~We have no money to take to the concert with us today, which means we'll be relying solely on his mother's mostly non-existent generosity for things like food and the MUST HAVE concert T's.

~I have one hell of a canker sore right below my bottom lip...I get these quite often because my jaw is a bit crooked which means my bite is a bit off. SO I frequently bite myself, which then turns into a canker sore almost immediately. It hurts like a you know what right now. And my glands are swollen because of it, so that sucks too.

~My husband has this issue with how I have to have clocks set fast to get anywhere on time. Our living room clock has been 10 minutes fast for the last 2 years. I get dressed in there, as he's still sleeping in our room...I also get Hailey ready for the day in the living room. So I need that clock to be set fast. My husband decided to finally change it for daylight savings time last night. This morning I thought I was doing GREAT on time! Only to get out to the car and see that I was running 12 minutes late. Yes, my lovely husband not only put the clock back an hour, he also set it to the correct time instead of 10 minutes fast. SO nice of him to warn me. Love the looks I got from my bosses this morning as I walked in exactly 12 minutes late. :o) Thanks hon.

~I'm worried that my MIL is going to ruin the day for D. Last night I had D ask her over the phone what she's wearing to the concert tonight. Her answer? "Why does SHE need to know?" ?????? Obviously she still has a huge burr up her butt that she can't shake loose.

Nevertheless, I'm still really excited about going to the concert tonight. D's super excited. I hope my camera takes good shots, as it normally doesn't in low light, so I can have tons of pictures!!! I'm trying to get his mom to take their digital which is way better than ours, but so far she's politely ignoring everything I say! :o) I just hope the rest of the day goes well!!

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Jaime said...

The clock thing had me giggling! I'm guilty of this as well!