Monday, November 19, 2007

Kushies, anyone?

Has anyone ever heard of Kushies? It's a brand of all in one cloth diaper that has gotten really good reviews. I just happened to see 2 packs at Walmart while I was there on my lunch break today that someone had returned to the store. I've wanted to try cloth diapers FOREVER. I seriously contemplated it when I was pregnant. But the whole diaper liner/separate inner liner thing seemed like such a pain, and too leak prone for me. These diapers are supposedly leak-free for the most more leak prone than a disposable. They're machine washable and dryable. If you buy them on they're only $42.74 w/ free shipping to the store for a 5 pack. We normally use the size 3 White Cloud Supreme diapers, which I LOVE...they are only like 13$ for a big box, which is I think 72 diapers? That normally lasts us a week to a week and a half maybe? I'm not really sure. Would it really be that cost effective to switch? The cloth all in one Kushies cost the same as about 3.3 boxes of the White Cloud diapers. Do I really want to have to wash diapers every night or every other night? I think I need to make a pros/cons list...anybody have any opinions and/or advice I would really love to hear it!


Better for her sensitive skin(she's prone to rashes)
Supposedly cost effective
Better for the environment(I see you rolling your eyes Kayce!! HAHA!)


Expensive initial investment
Have to wash them every day or every other day at least
They seem sort of bulky?

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Ashley said...

They're cute! I've never been a fan of cloth, so you'll have to let me know how it goes. glad to hear you guys are doing well right now!