Sunday, November 18, 2007

The shower went GREAT! Only 2 people didn't come, and one of them sent a gift with another person that did come. The decorations turned out great, the mini heart cakes (while hideous looking--seriously, I should SO do this for a living) tasted awesome. The games were actually really fun--we played the one where you use TP to make wedding dresses in small groups, and the one where you read off a list of items people have in their purses and the person w/ the most things wins. People actually enjoyed the games. My sister got a lot of really great stuff too! It really couldn't have gone better. My only complaints are that we didn't get a picture of my sister and I together and we didn't get a picture of my nephew that was here(he's a month younger than Hailey, and she called him Big Boy all day hehe). I am so incredibly happy with how things turned out.

To eat we had the yummy ugly cakes I made (red velvet w/ cream cheese icing, my sis's fav), white chocolate covered strawberries and dark chocolate covered oreos courtesy of my wonderful mother, and chex mix (at my sister's request). Very simple and everyone loved it!

Hailey is passed out on my lap after all the excitement. She fell asleep at 5:30! I'm debating on going ahead and putting her to bed??

My dad caused a little crisis last night at my sister's house...she called me at 12:30 crying, so she ended up coming over and staying the night. The day started off really unfortunate but we did everything we could to cheer her up. It worked, and got her mind off things and she had a great time.

Another good thing that I forgot to mention yesterday...we got our other loan check in the mail yesterday! Things really are going great right now. Finally!


Emmakirst said...

Glad the shower went well, the cupcakes sound great :) can you tell that I'm a total sweet addict??

Yay for money that's always good :)

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

Kristin said...

Fun times! And red velvet cake? YUM!!