Thursday, November 15, 2007

I need everyone's input!!!

Since we're getting this money and we're getting more than we need to pay everything off, we're going to reward ourselves and buy a new digital camera(after all the bills are paid off of course...we do have our priorities here). The one we have royally sucks, it's the Kodak Easyshare 5.0 megapixels. The zoom is horrible and grainy, and the flash makes everything look dark! I used my father in law's Sony Cybershot, I think it was 7.2 megapixels, for the concert. And while I was NOT impressed by the blur reduction(hello, it was still so blurry!!) I was impressed at the brightness of the shots and the clarity of the pictures. We have no idea which brand is best, which zoom range (what's the difference between optical and digital zoom???) or any of that. I do know I DON'T want a touch screen. We need a camera that reduces blur, zooms in a decent distance and has a fairly high megapixel. I'm really big on photography, I LOVE taking pictures, and it's incredibly frustrating to me that I have such a crappy camera now! I do have a regular 35 mm camera that takes awesome pictures, but 1. somethings wrong with it and we need to get it fixed and 2. I've gotten so used to the instant gratification of digital cameras that I NEVER use the 35 mm anymore!

My problem is everything "photography" that I know relates to a regular 35 mm. All the classes I had were based on that and had nothing to do with digital other than some basic photoshop editing(which had nothing to do with a digital camera obviously). I even know how to develop 35 mm film and print the photos! But megapixels and zoom ranges and the different brands of digital??? Forget it!! I need help!!

So, besides any advice or tidbits of info any of you can give me about digital cameras, I also would like to know what kind of digital cameras you all have and their specs. Also your opinions on them, or any other digital cameras there are out there!

ANY advice would be great!! Thanks a bunch in advance!!

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Wendy said...

YAY!! I just bought a new camera a few months back. It is a Canon and 10 megapixels!! I LOVE Canon's and I think that you would fair well with any type of Canon that you bought. You really don't have to spend a ton of money to have nice photos. They also are more like a 35 mm camera in the sense that they have more options that let you adjust the lighting, background, etc! (I don't know the technical terms. LOL!)