Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bum Genius

Ok I had NO idea cloth diapers had come so far. While doing some further research on the subject I found that Kushies are sort of a cheaper version of a brand called Bum Genius. These diapers sound AMAZING. They look so comfy and soft, and they come very highly recommended. While the Kushies got (mostly) rave reviews on Walmart.com, that wasn't the case on other websites. The biggest complaints being that they're bulky and the outer layer of the diaper, the waterproof layer, is not soft and gets hard after washings. Apparently these aren't issues with Bum Genius diapers. They are more expensive, which is a downside, but I think the extra cost would be worth it to have a better diaper. I did ask Hailey's sitter last night if she would object to using cloth diapers on her(apparently most daycares refuse???) and of course--since she is wonderful and all--she said it would be no problem whatsoever. The main problem is the initial investment would be quite large. At about $14.95 a diaper, if I bought enough to ensure I wouldn't run out it would be quite a large sum. So what I'm thinking is this...I'm going to order a couple, use them on Hailey over the weekend, see how I like them, and go from there. If she LOVES them and they work well, I may order more. But I'm thinking I'll probably just test them out and see how they work...see if I'm comfortable with doing the whole cloth diaper thing, see how Hailey likes them, and then use them on our NEXT child...since Hailey's only got a matter of months left til she's potty trained (I hope...) Any thoughts??


Jaime said...

These actually look pretty awesome! My own worry has always been the gifts of the reeking kind my children love to give me each day. I'm not sure how long a diaper could hold up against the funk. ;)

Kristin said...

They look pretty cool. Good luck with the trial set!! And...you've been tagged :)