Thursday, November 8, 2007

Randomly Me

~I'm a very caring person
~I try to be thoughtful, but sometimes I forget and wind up being very self-centered(I attribute this to having WAYYYY to much on my mind)
~I worry way too much. About everything. Almost to the point of obsession.
~I liked playing with Barbies as a kid, but only to set up a mall and let them shop. I have always loved shopping. I am jealous of people that have money and can buy whatever they want.
~I care too much about what others think of me. I tell myself it doesn't matter, but there's no denying does.
~I like tiny things. As a kid I used to collect miniatures. I even had little mini rolls of TP in a box labeled "miniatures for emergencies"
~I'm not a dog person. Dogs can be cute, don't get me wrong. Until they get close to me, and I hate their smell, and their slobber, and I'm allergic so they make me sneeze and snot...and I absolutely cannot stand dog poop. In the house, in the yard, ANYWHERE. It's just gross.
~I love pie. Fruit pie is my favorite. Any kind of fruit pie....mmmmmmm
~I'm obsessed with my daughter. She's the best thing in my life and the only thing that can make me happy no matter how down I'm feeling. I've come a long way since she was born.
~If I could have any job in the world, I would either be a stay at home mom or do something outdoors.
~I wish I'd accomplished something cool in my life, like getting my PhD or publishing a book or being an actress...but I have no drive, and don't want to do the hard work it takes to get to those goals.
~My favorite holiday is and always will be Christmas.
~I have a love/hate relationship with snow.
~I don't drink enough water. I'm doing good if I drink 1 glass a day.
~I actually don't drink much period. Maybe 2 cups of something a day. Somehow I'm still not dehydrated.
~I am clueless about fashion.
~I love how shiny my hair is when I use good shampoo.
~I hate how I'll look in the mirror and notice how pretty my shiny hair is, and then look closer and realize how sucky it is to have Psoriasis(which means a flaky, sometimes bleeding scalp--nice huh)
~I don't feel truly comfortable around any of my friends always feels a bit awkward, even the one I've known literally my whole life...even my little sister...the only person I'm truly comfortable around anymore is my husband.
~I love the fact that my husband and I have been together since we were 16 and 17 years old.
~I have a scarily accurate gut instinct, and over the years I've learned to follow it.
~I don't go to church. I do believe in God and I pray every night. I also like some of the ideas of other religions, like Buddhism. I think every religion has flaws and good points.
~I am seriously sad that the Harry Potter series is over. I finished re-reading the last book, and now I feel kind of lost.
~My thought process is usually very jumbled and random, kind of like this post.
~I crave and need organization and I hate change. But my life is so unorganized and busy, and I never have a set plan...I'm stressed nearly all the time as a result of this.
~I hate parties, I won't step foot in a bar. I don't like going out. I would rather stay in, rent a movie and order a pizza.
~My friend thinks I envy her life, and I think she envies mine.
~I loved the break from my daily headaches(sometimes migraines) while I was pregnant. I have had them for as long as I can remember. The first one I remember having was before I even started kindergarten. I've taken so much Tylenol in my life it doesn't affect me at all anymore.
~I wish I was a professional photographer. I take awesome pictures with my regular Nikon's broken right now though, and we haven't had the money to get it fixed.
~I collect wheat pennies and bicentennial quarters. My mom pointed out the difference to me when I was a little girl.
~I love flowers.
~I made mashed potatoes from scratch by myself from beginning to end for the first time last night. They were bland :o)
~I don't like seasoning...I use very little salt and an even smaller amount of pepper. The only other spices I use are garlic powder and onion flakes.
~I think I don't mind bland food because it doesn't irritate my stomach.
~My mom's mom taught me how to cook and sew before I was even 5 years old.
~I have very little energy, I always have. Lord knows why. I say it comes from my stomach problems, slow digestion and body has to work so hard to digest food, it doesn't leave me with much left over energy. It could stem from my immune problems I suppose. Who knows. But it sucks being so tired all the time.
~I almost pass out on roller coasters.
~When I was a little girl I used to wish I lived back in the olden days, when there was no makeup and women didn't work outside the home and there was no TV.
~That would never work because I'm a germaphobe.
~I love hot chocolate in the winter, with lots of those little dehydrated marshmellows!
~I love camping
~I love fishing
~I want to wait a while til we have another baby...maybe a couple years even. I'm loving having a toddler way too much!
~My toenails are almost always painted a color pretty darn close to hot pink
~I never paint my fingernails...if I do, I just pick it off.
~I rarely read the forwards that people email me
~I like my coffee with lots and lots of french vanilla creamer. If that's not available, I like to use whole milk.
~I like my tomato soup with whole milk, not water.
~My favorite snack is cereal.
~I hate talking on the phone.
~I'm partially deaf in my left ear, so I say "huh?" a lot. My daughter now says "huh" a lot as well. It's quite cute actually.
~Sometimes when I'm talking to somebody my daughter tells me to "stop!" I talk too much.
~Sometimes when I'm talking everybody tunes me out, except my daughter...she's such a good girl
~I don't really like chips. I like sweet more than salty. My daughter took after my mom, and is now obsessed with chips. I buy Pringles just for her. And I don't feel bad about it.
~I pride myself in how well my daughter has turned out. She's my biggest accomplishment in life, even if I wasn't that into her in the beginning.
~I hate smoking, and if you do it around me I'll exclaim loudly how gross and disgusting it is. My step-siblings smoke and think I'm irritating because I don't.
~I love sequels to books and movies. When a movie or book is over, if I liked it, it makes me sad...I always wish the story went on.
~My favorite pens are the basic black or blue Paper Mate brand.
~I like the fact that I have dark skin, and that Hailey's skin has darkened up as well.
~My favorite color is blue.
~My least favorite color is orange. I don't have a single orange article of clothing.
~I love going out to eat, but never get to anymore. We always go out to eat on my birthday.
~I have exercised induced asthma. That + heart problems makes it hard to exercise. Good thing I don't like to!
~People generally think I'm a bit odd when they get to know me. I like to think I'm just quirky.
~I LOVE artichoke hearts on my pizza.
~95% of perfumes/scents give me headaches. It was because of this that I was VERY upset when Bath and Body discontinues their Country Apple scent...and also why(back when they discontinued it) I bought the last case of the body spray in that scent that they had in the store!

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Wendy said...

great list:) That was a lot of fun to read! I could write a lot of those same things about myself. I may have to do this since I am supposed to be posting every single day.