Monday, November 5, 2007

Restroom Etiquette

Why is it that the bathroom here at work(with 2 stalls) will sit empty all day. ALL day...until I have to run to the bathroom urgently(you know my stupid IBS!). Then somebody always follows me in, ALWAYS! What the heck is the deal?? And I am not about to take a crap with other people in the room, no I have to make some excuse. If I haven't gotten into the stall yet, I just wash my hands and leave. If I am already in the stall, I just act like I've already gone and flush the toilet and wash my hands and leave. Basically I don't get to take care of my business, and am left in pain. One time I tested it, and left the bathroom only to return 5 minutes later...ANOTHER person followed me in. I tried this 3 times in a row that day, each time someone else following me in. Seriously. It's like some cruel sick joke. I so miss the private bathroom w/ the lock on the door from my old job. That was probably the only good thing about that place...I could poop in peace.

Furthermore, while I am on this subject...even on the rare occasion I do get the bathroom all to myself, I have to sit and stare at this irritating sign:

Restroom Etiquette:

1. Used paper towels should go in trashcan, not on the floor.

2. Air freshener should be used to help eliminate odors.

3. Please check toilet seat after use and clean if necessary.

Please be considerate of others when using this restroom.

A copy of it resides on the inside of the door to each stall and also on the wall next to the sinks. I read it over and over and think DUH, seriously? Does this person think we are complete idiots? I can only imagine that this sign was aimed at a former employee, as I can't see any of us that work here now leaving pee splatters on the toilet seat or littering the floor with used paper towels. Although, as I was leaving the restroom this afternoon I did notice a paper towel on the floor NEXT to the trash can instead of IN...I am sure we'll have an email tomorrow about how to properly use the bathroom trash receptacle. Just as a "little reminder" you know...and I can't help but wonder who dared to break the rules...


Kayce said...

Hehe. I love bathroom humor. How come all helpful signs like that in the bathroom are as annoying as they are funny? At least that sign didn't remind you of how to dispose of your feminine products.

Erin said...

I should totally take charge and make a sign warning of the dangers of disposing of feminine products correctly...hehe Lord knows I'd get an email about posting unnecessary signs...

Jaime said...

Oh my...I could have written this!! LOL!! There is nothing worse and it seems like it always happens.

It's like going to the movies. You can be in a completely empty theatre and people decide to sit right next to you.

But at least you're not in pain watching a movie. =( Sorry to hear about the IBS, I have it as well, no fun at all!