Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Blur

Today was a blur. The movie didn't get over til 2:30 am so I didn't get to bed NEAR the time I needed to. Hailey got up at 7:20. I "cooked" with her, gave her breakfast and did a load of laundry...and I was exhausted. I tried to lay on the couch, she tried to pry me off repeatedly "Get up mommy, get UP!" She was still tired too, so she was throwing quite a few fits. Finally I guess she got fed up with me because at about 9:30 she went and woke D up, telling him "Daddy, wake up! Get up! Color!" At 11:10 I couldn't help it, I had to lay down. My legs were killing me, esp. my knees. I fell asleep instantly, only to be woken 1o minutes later by my dauther crying at my bedside. Dan hoisted her into our bed, wondering out loud if my mom picked up the wrong kid Friday from daycare...she's never that fussy. Within 1 minute she was asleep. I slept with her for an hour, when I made myself get up because I could hear my mom cleaning in the kitchen...I felt horrible, she'd come over to help and what was I doing? Sleeping. The rest of the day is a blur. My house is for the most part de-cluttered and clean(except our bedroom)...the carpets are clean. My bathroom has a new bar of peppermint soap in the soapdish...and I'm exhausted. While waiting for the carpets to dry Hailey and I went over to our family friends' house and had McDonalds and helped them put up their Christmas tree...that was a lot of fun. I still need to make the cakes and decorate, which I'll do in the morning. And clean off the front porch. And finally decide on which games to play!! SIGH I just wish I had more time.

Knocked Up was hilarious. Quite crude, but really funny!

Ok, time to sleep...

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Jaime said...

Knocked Up was great! I felt kind of uncomfie watching it while I was pregnant but found myself laughing anyway. ;)