Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I finally went back to the dr. today to follow up on my lab results from months ago when they tested me for rheumatoid arthritis. She went over my labs which were negative--not only for the rheumatoid but also for immune disorders of some type--and asked me more about the pain. I told her about the WebMD search I did that led me to Psoriatic Arthritis. She said she had no idea I had Psoriasis. I told her I never felt the need to say anything because I had no idea it could be connected. My psoriasis is getting pain is getting worse. I showed her the list of symptoms I printed off the National Psoriasis Foundation website and told her as I was reading over it for the first time I thought to myself "OMG, this might be what I have" and she kind of laughed and said "you were like, I have THAT and THAT and THAT"....she was really nice, took the time to address my concerns and really seemed concerned about my situation. One of the other drs in the practice is partners with a rheumatologist and he only takes patients by referral...she's supposed to get in touch with him, let him know my situation and get an appointment for me. I need to find a solution soon. Yesterday morning I hurt so bad it made me feel nauseous...I thought I was going to have to leave work and go home. I took some Advil and it took the edge off, but I still hurt. I'm starting to get really scared. It's never been this bad in my life. It's already to the point where it's getting hard for me to do my job, and even take care of Hailey and do housework etc. And Psoriatic arthritis, like other types, is progressive and degenerative. I'm terrified this is my problem, and it's just going to get worse. If this keeps getting worse, I might as well flush my dreams of having more kids down the toilet(and hope and pray Dan gets a decent job right out of school in a year). I'm half hoping they'll tell me I don't have arthritis at all, that it's somehow all in my head or I just need to eat more of some vitamin or something and it'll all go away. I guess we'll see...hopefully it doesn't take too long to get in to this other dr.

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