Friday, November 16, 2007

To do

I thought it was amazing that my husband took it upon himself to go to the bank before it closed today to deposit our loan check. I was actually quite proud...and thankful, because I had a million things to do tonight and most of them required money! To start the night my mom treated us to Starbuck's, and I finally got to try the White Chocolate Mocha that Wendy recommended to me, and OH MY GOD it was amazing! Thanks Wendy!! I also ordered a few balloons for the shower Sunday(getting Hailey a FREE balloon in the process!), got Hailey her new coat and hat set from Old Navy(I've officially learned my lesson on bragging...while her coat from last season does indeed still fit her, I realized it's not roomy enough for her to really move sort of holds her arms out straight like a little gingerbread girl and she is now refusing to wear it) and got the gifts and other shower necessities from Walmart. Imagine my surprise when I get home and check our bank account, and it's pending overdrawn! The loan check wasn't even pending deposit yet! I freaked out and brought the fact up to D and he said he hoped it didn't matter that he didn't endorse the check. !!!!!! He said there wasn't a line on the back to endorse it so he just didn't, and they didn't turn it over to check (they have ALWAYS checked when I've deposited checks over all these years, ALWAYS). He thought no line meant you didn't have to sign it. That really goes to show you just how little he knows about finances. So, I'm freaking out a bit and hoping all these charges don't go through tomorrow. If they do, we are going to be seriously overdrawn. D has his deposit receipt, and if that does happen I am going to take the receipt to them and tell them this was their mistake for not making sure he endorsed the check and get our overdraft fees refunded. Luckily my friend used to work at the bank in the cust. serv. center so she knows who I should talk to. Hopefully this won't be the case. But this means I have to get D's but out of bed by 9:00 tomorrow when the bank opens to make him go check on this whole ordeal. Which brings me to my To Do list for tomorrow:

7:00 am - Wake up to Hailey either knocking on her door, crying or calling for me "MOMMEEE!"

7:10 am - Change Hailey's diaper and get her some juice or milk, whatever she prefers

7:15 am - Find some cartoons on TV, do my normal morning restroom routine

7:30 am - Get Hailey a nana or waffle or whatever else she demands for breakfast...possibly yogurt with blueberries

8:00 am - Start the process of moving Hailey's toys to her bedroom. Organize everything that's left in the living room.

The rest of the morning(my mom's coming over at some point to help thank goodness) - Finish de-cluttering the living room. Clean off the bar. Load/run/unload/reload the dishwasher. Start laundry. Clean kitchen counters and floor. De-clutter and organize dining room. Vacuum. Make cheese ravioli and mozzarella cheese bread for lunch. Shampoo carpets (we had a little vaporizer incident in Hailey's room, which now smells like mildew much to my dismay). Take a break by going over to our family friend's house and help them decorate their Christmas tree while letting the carpets dry!

Afternoon - On the way back home stop by the party store for a couple banners or decorations or something for the shower. Also buy some plastic cups, because I forgot to get some when I was at the store tonight. Make sure D has done the things on his honey do list which include taking out the trash, hanging up the shelf in the bathroom so I can de-clutter the counter, hanging up his hat rack I bought him ages ago and he's never used. Clean hall bathroom. Wash rugs for bathroom again(I like them to be nice and fluffy!).

Evening - Make cakes. I'm making (at my sister's request) a confetti cake with rainbow chip icing. I'm also making her little heart shaped red velvet cakes w/ cream cheese icing, because those are her fav. My mom is making white chocolate covered strawberries and white chocolate covered Oreos. Fill extra ice trays to be sure and have enough ice. Keep doing laundry.

Finally, drop into bed exhausted. Sunday I should just have to set out a few decorations, get the bar set up with the cakes and snacks, wrap the gifts and tie up the balloons outside. My grandma and aunt are coming over early to help keep Hailey busy while I get last minute things done.

It sounds pretty simple when I write it all down like that. But I have a feeling I'm going to be running around like a chicken w/ my head cut off tomorrow. I am really looking forward to the shower Sunday though, and to be truthful this is my thing, I LOVE planning parties like this! I just wish I had more time so I didn't have to be so rushed. I borrowed my in-law's camera so I should have plenty of great pictures to post!

Ok I've gotta go watch a movie with D. He rented Knocked Up which I've heard is pretty funny and I've been wanting to see for a long time! We haven't been able to afford renting movies for a long time now!!

Before I go, here's the coat and hat set I got Hailey from Old Navy tonight...I got the coat on sale for $23!

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Wendy said...

You are welcome:) I had one today also!! Yummers!

I love that coat...she will look adorable in that color.