Monday, July 9, 2007

We don't need no Baby Einstein...

I'm a little perturbed. I have a friend who RAVES about Baby Einstein movies like there's no tomorrow. Her son, who is a week older than Hailey, LOVES them,and has since he was little bitty. I tried them on Hailey a few times at different points in her life, and I tried multiple Baby Einstein movies, and she HATES them. They just aren't for her. Honestly, they drove me nuts too. When she was younger we thought she just hated all TV. Then one night we went to rent movies and the store was having a VHS blowout. I got a children's video for her for 1$!! I had never heard of it before but it looked cute and entertaining. It was called Nick Jr. Baby Curious Buddies, Look and Listen at the Park. And lo and behold, my kid LOVES it! For a LONG time, this is the only thing she would watch on TV. Needless to say, the VHS started to wear out and skip. She was very upset, she LOVES the puppets(she knows them by name--cat, dog, pig, bear and elephant--and she makes each animal sound as they each come on the screen during the intro). So a few weeks ago I got on and ordered 4 new videos for her, DVDs this time, because I got buy 3 get 1 free and free 9.95 a piece, this was a great deal!! This time we got one about the Beach(which is scratched, so I have to send it back--how annoying), Look and Listen at the Park(again), Let's Move(her fav so far!), and Helping at Home. Now half the time she's awake she's demanding to me "T Wee! T Wee!" and she'll turn it on and whine til I put on her DVD. Her new one, Let's Move, has Bear counting to ten. She LOVES this part. "Nine" is her favorite number. Recently when I would count to ten(which helps her calm down if she's upset!) when I got to 7 or 8 she'd yell "nine!" But Saturday morning she SHOCKED me. I started off counting..."one" and Hailey said "two" I repeated her and said "two" and she said "three"(sounding more like "tee") and I said "three" and she said "four"...!!! I said "four" and she said "NINE!!!!!!!!!!" Well she got the first part right!! My friend had the nerve to tell me she doesn't want her son just learning songs, she wants him actually watching something educational. HELLO. My daughter is 15 months old and she can count to 4. And she knows what animals are, and all her fruits, and how to clap for somebody when they do something good, and she's learning to stand on one foot and say please...among MANY other things. I'm just annoyed that some parents can't be open minded and realize that not all children learn from the same things, or are entertained by the same things. Just because my child doesn't take an interest in Baby Einstein(which EVERYONE recommends) does not mean she's going to be dumb or isn't going to learn things from other videos. And what's even better, we get a kick out of these Curious Buddies videos too! The songs are catchy and the movies are just entertaining in general! I don't care if other kids don't like what we like. Why do some people have to be so high and mighty? Drives me insane.


Mof2 said...

Pumpkin has never really liked the Baby Einstein stuff either. She likes the cds to listen to in the car, but doesn't want to watch any of the dvd's. I don't blame you for being upset because as long as your child is learning things, it really don't matter what she is watching. And she is learning lot's!! Oh btw...My myspace link is

Just send me a friend request,my last name is brittain. I have it set up to ask. I am on there way more then here, though I have only posted a couple of blogs and never about the kids really, because my friends and family don't know about my blog, haha. I may have to vent about them sometime and don't need them nosing in seeing what I am writing, haha!! Talk to you later.

Ashley said...

Damn you erin. I thought P was SO cool because she learned to count to three at 20 months. Sigh.

Wendy said...

Lani loved those videos as a baby but now she wont watch any TV!! Only if there is a song on then she goes on her way! I guess it's good, but sometimes I really would like to use the TV as a babysitter:) Like when I am trying to cook dinner and she is screaming at my feet!! No go though!

Hailey is a smart one huh!?! That is great! You must be one proud mama!!

rohan ganesh said...

Hi there!
How funny, my little guy was absolutely bored by baby einstein AND he learned to count from CB dvds too! We should start a group. :)
Here he is counting...
Its the video clip 'Counting! Take 1 and 2'
My little guys always skips #4, guess its not exciting for him. hehe
Which dvd do you like the best? We only have the one.