Sunday, July 1, 2007

I'm loving this thing called Communication

Hailey's communicating with mommy and daddy, daddy and mommy are communicating...all is right with the world. It's been a great weekend, finally. D has been helping a ton with the chores, we had a lot of fun together...all in all we've just had a really good time together! Today was very laid back. D got up with Hailey while I slept in. I made myself get out of bed at 11:30...I never sleep that late! A friend stopped by with her kids for about an hour, then I cleaned up after they left, sanitizing toys etc. Hailey went down for a nap so D and I took a nap as well. I slept a bunch today! I got Hailey up about 5:30 and got her dressed. We took her to my mom's and we went grocery shopping. She had a blast playing with my mom, who she hasn't seen in quite a few days.

I have to mention a couple things Hailey did know, things that really stuck out to me. She amazes me every day. First of all while my friend was here with her kids Hailey did really well. My friend's youngest is a 6 month old little girl. I told Hailey to go to her bedroom and bring little C a baby toy to play with. Off she went to her bedroom, and she brought little C a toy! I can tell she pretty much understands what we're saying these days...she does what we say or ask her to do. She knows dirty diapers go in the trash and frequently picks up after mommy when I leave one laying on the floor. She tries to take her dirty dishes and bottles and put them in the sink, although she's too short. Another thing she has learned to do...let us know when she goes to the bathroom! This all fits into the whole communication thing...I'm telling you it's wonderful. Today as I was getting her stuff ready to go to my mom's, she walked up to me in the living room and said "peepee." I asked her "Hailey did you go peepee?" and she grabbed the crotch of her diaper and said "peepee" again. I checked and sure enough, a warm full diaper. I was a bit shocked...she's very interested in the whole process of going to the bathroom, and I know she knows when we go in the bathroom what we're doing because she'll yell "peepee!" and run in after us and want to flush the toilet. But she actually does realize when she has peed now, and today she told me! How cool is that? Hopefully this means she'll be easy to potty train.

Off to bed...I start my new job tomorrow and I'm nervous. Oh and we waited too late to get the pictures developed tonight, so D will have to do it tomorrow...hopefully I'll post the pics then.


Mof2 said...

Good Luck on your new job! Sounds like Hailey is just like my Pumpkin. She is super smart and has always done whatever you ask her to do or go and get.

Wendy said...

I am a little late, but I hope everything is going well with your new position at work!