Thursday, July 19, 2007


I forgot to mention before something cute that Hailey did last night. We went to my mom's for dinner to get her out of the house, since she'd been cooped up at home all day. She was walking through the living room while I was laying on the couch feeling cruddy, and she stubbed her toe on this little rocking chair that was mine when I was little. I told her to come let mommy kiss it and make it all better. She walked over and I pulled her up onto the couch. She stuck her foot in my face, so I kissed all 5 toes and told her it was all better. She shoved her other foot in my face. I kissed those toes too. She got down off the couch...walked over to the rocking chair...and stepped on the rung(that part that sits on the floor) and fake fussed back over to me. I had to pull her back up on the couch, kiss all her toes that she shoved in my face, put her down...only for her to step on it again and do the same thing. 5 times we did this. It was so stinking cute! And we couldn't help but laugh, because she was being so serious about the whole thing. It's amazing to me that she can have such an imagination and know how to pretend at such a young age.

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Mof2 said...

So sweet! Pumpkin has done stuff like that, and even copied her fav. character, Calliou. One day when he was whining about the thunderstorms, she started fake whining and has done it pretty much since. It's so cute though!