Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cherry pie and little boys

I got up this morning and after I got ready I went into the living room to get things ready for Hailey to get up, and wouldn't you know it D left 1/2 the package of Oreos sitting out on the end table by the couch, along w/ a can of soda. So of course there were little piss ants swarming all over it. I was upset about my Oreos, and upset about the ants. I threw the stuff in the trash so I woke D up to empty the trash so it wouldn't be swarming with them as well. I Cloroxed up the ants. Well then D stayed up because he was going to the Lake w/ his dad today to work on the boat. Hailey's not used to seeing daddy in the mornings unless she goes into our bedroom to say "night night daddy"(because he's always still sleeping) this morning she was pretty excited, having fun with him. Well it was past time for me to leave and he brought her to me so I could put her shoes on...well she thought he was playing, so she hopped up and said "no!" and started to run by him so he'd chase her. Ok he's NEVER firm with her, he never gets onto her...and wouldn't you know, when she was trying to play with him is when he chooses to be firm. The complete wrong time...he grabbed her and plopped her down on the floor in front of me and this cherry pie toy that she was holding(that was mine when I was little) flew apart and all 4 pieces flew onto the floor and she just sat there and BAWLED. I felt so bad for her. It broke my heart. I sat down and pulled her into my lap and picked up her pie and put it back together(pan, crust, filling, top crust) and handed it to her, and she shook her little finger at D, still crying and said "No no daddy! Pie!" Oh my gosh it broke my heart. And she did not let go of that pie until we got to the sitter's. I could tell her spirits were broken because she didn't even ask to listen to music in the car(which consists of her pointing and grunting and fussing til I turn it on at which point she dances LOL...when I try to tell her it's called music she stares at me with this blank look on her face like she just does not comprehend that word). I hope she's had a good day today. I can't wait to see her tonight, I want to hug her and give her a ton of kisses. Doesn't that just make you sad??? :o( I can't wait to give her her pie when I pick her up.

Last night I was sitting outside letting Hailey play on her slide when the little neighbor boy came up on his skateboard. He's 5. We'll call him Little I. Little I sat there on his skateboard watching Hailey for a minute, contemplating what she was babbling about and discussing the options with me...the dogs? the birds? nothing? I know, thrilling isn't it? That's my life. So anyway then he makes an icky face and groans "I had to do my chores today"...I asked him what his chores were, and he named off a huge list of things(but I imagine there are a lot of chores to do with 2 adults and 4 kids in the family). I felt bad for him, he is only 5 after all, and told him that's a big bummer. He asked me what chores I had to do. I told him I had to do everything. He said "EVERYTHING?! How come?" And I told him "Well that's what happens when you're a mom, and Hailey's too young to help." He asked "Well but what about your husband?" I told him D doesn't do anything around the house. Little L said "Well that means he's lazy." WELL SAID.

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Mof2 said...

Aww. Poor Hailey and her pie. I know the feeling. When Z gets onto Pumpkin, I feel all heart broken and stuff as well. As far as the little boy saying D was lazy, I got a good laugh from that. I have those same moments around here with Z.