Thursday, July 12, 2007

Who can you trust?

Has anybody heard this mess about Johnson's Baby Bath containing a cancer-causing chemical, as well as many other baby products and personal care products for adults? Someone posted it on their blog on MySpace, and it all looks very real and official. They did however say that there was a statement posted on Johnson's website but when I went there, I couldn't find anything about it anywhere. Supposedly this chemical is produced as a byproduct when making these products and the companies aren't spending the money to take it out because the recommended limit is something like 10 ppm and most of these products contain less than that. The story also says there aren't any guidelines these companies HAVE to follow, like the guidelines the FDA puts on food. As far as the products go, they're more of just "recommendations" a product COULD have more than 10 ppm and not get in trouble for it. The story also goes on to say the problem with this is, if you're using 2 or 3 products that have say 6 or 7 ppm, added together you've got way over the recommended limit. Now of course this all concerned me, because I have always been a Johnson's user...every baby that's been born I bought a bottle of Johnson's Baby Lotion for, and I have used it myself for years because of my dry skin issues. So when I was pregnant with Hailey I warned everybody that if they got me anything other than Johnson's I would take it back to the store. Yea I know, bitchy. But whatever. I loved these products! So when I read this "story," I was pretty upset. I emailed the Johnson's people and of course I got back a load of bull. They skirted my question, addressing the issue without answering any of my questions. So now that makes me even less confident in the brand! And now I'm thinking of doing the unthinkable. Switching to Baby Magic **GASP**

So has anybody else heard anything about this or is it just me?????


Wendy said...

there are websites like that you can check on this stuff. They investigate it and report wether it is true or not!

Mof2 said...

OMG. I have not heard this. I am a Johnsons fan myself. I do not like Baby Magic at all! I hear you about telling everybody only Johnsons stuff. There were a few items I took back because it wasn't the lotion brand I wanted. I will be on the hunt for new lotions and bath stuff for the kids.