Tuesday, July 31, 2007

FRIDAY’S POST!!---Once in a while you've just gotta relax!!

Yesterday was a GREAT day!! This week may have started off cruddy, but it’s ended wonderfully! Wednesday afternoon my mom came in to work to see my new office. She’s not working right now because school is out. She wanted me to leave work and go goof off with her. I only had 2 hrs. left though, so I didn’t. But yesterday I wasn’t going to have anything to do all day at work…so after I got my checks ran I left and went to her house about 10:30. We ate lunch at a local drive in place we’ve gone to for years. It was nice to not have to worry about Hailey trying to climb out the window or getting chili and cheese all over the radio knobs for once. Then we laid out at my mom’s pool for a couple hours. I haven’t been able to do that in years! Just lay by the pool, mid-day, very hot, enjoying just baking in the sun. It was nice! Then we picked up Hailey about 4:00. I could tell she couldn’t figure out why we weren’t in my car(my mom drove). I kept asking her if she wanted to go swimming. She was confused…we don’t usually swim on weeknights, except in her little baby pool in the front yard every now and then. We went to a place we’ve never been before here in town that I’ve heard the little kids LOVE. We were driving down the long driveway and she looked confused. Where were we going?? It’s way back in a wooded area. Finally we got to a big clearing, and she could see across the parking lot all the fountains and stuff. She started to get really excited and laugh and point. I asked her if she wanted to go swimming and this time she knodded her head very enthusiastically. I got her into her suit and we walked up to the front gate. My mom was lagging behind messing with the car, and Hailey kept turning around and yelling “MON!” which is how she says “C’mon!” She could hardly contain herself as we got closer, she was clapping and shrieking and giggling. It’s a children’s play area—the water is only about 10 inches deep at the deepest part so it’s nice and shallow to walk through. There are concrete slides and fountains. It’s basically a huge glorified kiddy pool! So neat!! It was only 3$ a piece for my mom and I to get in, and Hailey was free! We found a good place to put our blanket out and I greased Hailey up in sunscreen(she helped—she loves putting lotion on) while we waiting for the 10 minute break to be over. Finally the whistles blew and we waded in. She had a BLAST! She wanted to go down the slides right away. She kept saying “Ride! Ride!” First I put her between my legs and we went down, and the water splashed up into her face and over her head at the bottom and she just laughed her deep belly laugh. She loved it! Then I started putting her beside me and going down with her. She had so much fun. She loved wading around in the water and trying to “swim” on her belly. Her butt kept floating to the surface and she’d stick her face down in the water and then pull it out and just laugh and laugh. She shook her hand at the leaves in the water and said “pooey”…then tried to step on them because she though they were bugs. We stayed for about an hour and a half, until she started shivering a bit and her lips started turning purple. It wasn’t cold out, but the wind had picked up just enough to make her cool I guess. Then we went and got pizza for dinner and she ate 2 pieces of pizza and some peas while she watched Shrek 2. She is OBSESSED with Shrek lately! “Shek! Weevee! Shek!!” That’s all I hear. Thank God I like them too. I’ll be glad when the 3rd one finally comes out on video…my luck by then she’ll be over her “Shek” phase by then though. After we ate we left her with daddy while we ran to Walmart to get diapers and stuff like that. Then I took her home and we read about 5 books before bedtime, and she fell asleep while I was reading again tonight! This time to One Fish Two Fish. It was an absolutely wonderful day…very relaxing and very fun!! I’m really excited that today is Friday and we’ve got the whole weekend ahead of us. D wants to take Hailey back to PL(the place we took her last night) since he didn’t get to go, but it’s always really busy on the weekends from what I hear. But we’ll see!!

I actually got some sun yesterday, I’m getting pretty dark! I haven’t been this dark for a few years now! My forehead is peeling a bit which bugs me, but oh well. OH! Another thing I have to mention that I am so friggin excited about. I went through a bunch of clothes that I’d try to sell at a garage sale(everybody that came to the sale last summer were all bigger sizes, I can’t find ANYBODY to buy my little clothes!) and I found a bunch that fit me again! One pair of khaki shorts still had the tags on, and I washed them up and they fit me perfectly! It was like going on a huge shopping spree in my own storage! I found a bunch of tank tops, some that had the tags still on, that fit now. Of course a ton are still way too small, back from my highschool days when I was teeny tiny. But a bunch of them do! And the best part about it…I found my knit skirts from a few summers ago that are so comfy and cute, and I found my whole bag of underwear!! YEA!! I had bagged it all up when I was pregnant, because it didn’t fit anymore and I knew it never would again. But now it does fit again, so I have literally a whole drawer full of underwear now! You do not know how good that feels. I have thongs that are comfy and thongs that are pretty and comfy big ol nighttime underwear and all my VS underwear in all their diff. styles and colors and patterns. I feel like I hit the jackpot! I could wear a diff. pair every day for like 2 months and never have to wash any if I felt like it! I am so freaking excited. My goal for the next 2 or so weeks is to go through all the rest of the clothes I have bagged up and get rid of what I don’t want and organize everything I do want. I need a bigger dresser, mine doesn’t hold squat so I’ve got piles of clothes all over my bedroom floor. I’m thinking I’ll take my closet doors off and hang up a rod w/ a curtain instead because I just can’t get to anything with these big doors—the kind that just slide back and forth.

Yesterday my mom went in the post office to mail a package. I sat in the car, in our prime front-of-the-building parking space. At first it was exciting to just sit and people watch, enjoying the fresh air w/out having a toddler babbling at me in the back seat very impatiently to turn on the radio or yelling at the sun to get out of her eyes etc. It was amazing how many people were in SERIOUS need of some fashion/bodily grooming help. Now don’t get me wrong, in no way am I “trendy” and I do not have perfect hair and my face is a bit broken out etc…but some of these people were just ridiculous. I am not one to judge, but come on…I saw many women with HUGE wedgies. One girl looked like she was about 50 in the face, with the frizziest fried looking hair and she was dressed like she was a teenager…and she was what I call a “walking trend”…every trend that’s hot right now, she had it on her body. Seriously. It was just goofy looking. Another lady looked like she hadn’t washed/brushed her hair in days…she had on faded stretched out knit shorts way over her belly and much too short on her legs, w/ this short misshaped tank top on that showed off her big ol saggy boobs that were in great need of some support. And she had on some sort of hiking shoes. Nice. These people would all be wonderful candidates for What Not to Wear. Eventually I got bored, and I sat there and just stared off into space, looking over hopefully ever time I heard the door opening…finally my mom came back out, and I was happy to be leaving. I thought to myself “Good God, this is how dogs feel that are left in the car”…

Everything is down at work today so who knows when I’ll be able to post this…going to be a long day! We got bagels though from Panera (St. Louis Bread Co.) so that already started the day off good! Plus my mom’s coming in for some training w/ my boss, and we’re eating lunch together!

I almost forgot…Hailey is running now! It’s so cute! Yesterday at the sitter’s she ran across the yard yelling “I run! I run!” She also told the sitter “I wanna cracker.” Instead of making me nervous, her new attitude and new changes are making me excited now! This is the stage I was really excited about, where she could communicate and we could take her to do more things and we could lay on the couch and watch a movie together etc. I’m loving having a little girl!!!

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