Saturday, July 14, 2007

Do the shakorama go go go

I have seen a Curious Buddies movie ONE too many times today. At home while we're inside all I hear is "teewee! weevee!" Which means "Turn on the freaking TV, I want to watch my MOVIE!!" She'll turn on the TV herself and insist I turn on her movie. On the plus side of this whole situation, she can now count to six. Well ok I have to take the credit for that...she loves to count, so we count together a lot. Ok I was just trying to make myself feel better about all the movie watching she's been doing today. SIGH...

Well more good came out of my whole ins. situation. Not only did I lower my husband's rates by getting my ins. through the same place and telling them he's married, but I found out last night that I also got my in-laws rates lowered as well! My MIL called me last night and said they were very thankful because with yet another policy in the family (this ins. company groups policies by family) it lowered THEIR rates too! Their accounts were credited so much that they don't owe another premium for a while now! She was so excited, and she told me that the refund check I got in the mail for D's ins. premiums they wanted me to keep. She said they've contributed so much to D's golf stuff this summer, that she wants me to keep the money and buy myself or Hailey something with it! How nice is that?? So we'll have some spending money next weekend on our anniversary trip!

My younger sister that still lives with my dad and stepmom called Friday and said I could have her dining set. So YAY I have a dining set now! Yea just a little excited about that.

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