Thursday, July 5, 2007

A day to remember

Yesterday was a big day for Hailey. It was the first time she got to experience the 4th of July perfectly healthy. This time last year we were headed to the hospital, they were waiting for her…she was admitted and had to stay for 2 days. She got out the 7th. She was really sick. They had to do a spinal tap, draw tons of blood, take urine, give her an IV…it was horrible! I didn’t sleep much at all those 2 nights. I either sat up rocking her or slept in the big hospital bed they had in her room, her tucked into the crook of my arm. But this year, no sign of illness, she had a GREAT day! She started off sitting on her couch watching some Animal Planet, eating her bowl of blueberries and strawberries I’d given her for breakfast. I was loading the dishwasher. All of a sudden I hear “Mommy!” and I said “What?” No answer. Again, “Mommy!” and again she didn’t answer me. Again, “MOM-MEE!” this time very insistent…so I looked up, and she was standing there in the front hallway grabbing the crotch of her diaper. I said “What Sweetie?” and she said “pee pee.” I asked her “Did you pee pee?” and she said “pee pee.” I washed my hands and went to check, and sure enough she’d just peed…warm full diaper. So I picked her up and told her “Hailey mommy’s going to show you what to do when you need to go peepee” and I took her in the bathroom. I took off her diaper, sat her on her little potty…and instead of hopping up and telling the imaginary pee pee “bye bye pee pee!” she sat there. And lo and behold, she peed a little and she pooped!!! My baby pooped in the potty!!! I was so proud and excited I had tears in my eyes. We woke up daddy and showed him. I tried to take a picture of her next to her poo-filled potty but when I sat her next to it she said “pooey!” and shook her hand like she does and got up and ran off because well it smelled like poop! I am just so incredibly proud of my little girl. Not quite 15 months old, and she understands when she pees and tells me when she goes, and now she even pooped in her potty. How cool is that???

Next, she learned a new word. I was in the tub shaving my legs and she used her potty as a stepping stool and climbed in with me, dress and diaper and all. Of course, being the curious little girl that she is, she started poking at my boobs. I told her “Hailey those are boobs.” And she said “boob” and poked me again. For the next couple minutes, that’s how it went. So, she now knows “boob”….

Another thing she learned, that I really wish she hadn’t…my dad (he’s so awnry) has been trying to teach her the sign for “poop” and to say it while she’s doing the sign. Yesterday she finally caught on, and now she will do the sign for poop and say “poop!” LOVELY. Although I guess there are worse things in life…

Lastly, to end her wonderful day, we went to the old stadium like we do every year to watch the huge fireworks show the city puts on. They spend tens of thousands of dollars on this show, it’s pretty big. Huge loud fireworks, right over your head. She had a blast running around the parking lot with various members of our bunch. As the time grew nearer, they turned off the lights. Hailey said “bye bye lights!” and waved. I started to try and explain to her there were going to be big booms and pretty lights. Yea right like a 1 year old is going to understand that. I was standing there holding her as the first 3 went off all at once. Normally they just do the loud bangs to warn people they’re starting…not this year, they jumped right into the show. She jumped and clung to me really tightly with her face buried in my neck. I told her “Hailey look, oooh, pretty, wow!!” and she looked, and she LOVED them! She sat on my lap and watched them, saying “Ooh! Wow!” and pointing and smiling and giggling! She would NOT let me cover her ears, and they are so loud! It was so cute, on the really bright ones she would squint and sometimes cover her eyes, and then uncover them quickly to see the next one. I am so excited and happy that she liked them. She’s not a scaredy cat like I was when I was her age. I’m so glad we got to share that with her this year. Afterwards there’s always a traffic jam in the parking lot, and she did great playing with D’s phone, talking to some imaginary person and then handing the phone to me for me to talk. She went right to sleep when we got home. She had such a good day!!!


Kristin said...

I cannot believe she's 4 months younger than Logan & potty training already! WOW!

Wendy said...

My niece was pt at 18 months so def. keep it up! That is awesome!