Sunday, December 30, 2007


Things are okay. My dad is doing much better. At first he tried to lie and say he didn't try to kill himself, but then he called all of us and apologized and admitted what he did. We're glad he's still here. Hopefully things will get better for him from here on out.

We went to St. Louis yesterday for Christmas at the grandparents'. It went really well. Cousin W only got one present just like Hailey. Although he tried to open everybody's, including Hailey's. D had to actually yell at him to get him to stop opening Hailey's. Hailey had a good time. My mother in law played Wii tennis against D's grandma...and we were all shocked when his 80+ year old grandma totally rocked at the Wii! She beat everybody she played in tennis! It was so cute, she was so excited. She's been really down lately, saying she's in pain and stuff even though she's not really...hopefully this visit was just what she needed to make her feel better. Hailey showed off, counting to ten AND singing the ABC song for them. D's grandpa is very intellectual and he is beyond delighted at Hailey's smarts. She may not be the most physical little kid, but she sure shines in other areas.

At the grandparents' Hailey and W were hiding behind a chair at the dining table. We started smelling a smell and that's how W poops...he hides behind chairs. So we thought it was him. I asked Hailey, "Hailey did you poop?" She said "No, W pooped!" They both went to have their diapers changed. D opened her diaper and said "Hailey, YOU pooped! Pooey!!" Hailey said "Pooey W!" Even though the evidence was right there, in his empty and her full diaper, she was STILL trying to blame it on him!!
Here's Hailey and W looking out the front window at the Grandparents'...W is only 11 months older than Hailey and over a head taller than her! So cute...

Friday night my new brother in law, my sister, Hailey and I went to the mall to do a little shoe shopping for Hailey. I had her foot measured at the Kids Foot Locker and felt absolutely HORRIBLE. She needed to be in a size 6. Her shoes are a size 4. I felt like the worse mother ever. Then I couldn't find any decent tennis shoes in her size since it's right after Christmas and everything's gone. I ended up having to buy a pair of 40$ Nike's...but they are so cute, and she LOVES them. When I tried them on her in the store she wouldn't let me take them off. She said "Get back in the stroller, okay bye!" so we paid for the empty box and left. :o)

Here is our tree Christmas Eve night after Santa came:

Here is Hailey's ornament from last year, the little stuffed pig she picked out:

Here's Hailey's ornament from this year that I talked about in the last post:

Today my sister, brother in law and I went to Red Lobster while Hailey napped at my mom's and D played golf. We stuffed ourselves on crab legs, pasta, lobster artichoke dip and was SO good! After that we went to pick up their wedding pics from the photographer. I always make my sister drive my car since I HATE driving. We were going along on a road that's pretty narrow and we came to a part that had crumbled away a bit in the icky winter weather...she accidently went off the road and POP went my back tire. 45 minutes later after a little help from the nice guy that owned the house we parked in front of, we had the lug nuts off and my car jacked up. The tire wouldn't come off. My dad came to the rescue and got the tire off. I think it made him feel important to come to our rescue like that :o) We had to drive to HellMart on the donut and 2.5 hrs + 3 new tires and an oil change later, we were headed back home. I wasn't mad at my sister at all. I needed new tires anyway, and it pushed me into getting my oil changed(my car needed it badly!). It was a bummer that we had to waste so many hours of the day, but oh well. Not the end of the world!

Now Hailey is freaking out because they just got home with pizza...she's pulling on my pantleg saying "Mommy get me pizza!!!" You'd think she gets pizza all the time by the way she yelled "PIZZA HERE!" when D walked in the door holding the boxes.

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Wendy said...

Hailey is so dang funny:) I LOVE those sneakers. Lani is in need of a new pair so I am definitely looking for a pair like that!! LOL!!