Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The newest Potter movie comes out today. Ordinarily I would have run out on my lunch hour to buy it, but people have been strongly hinting that it's going to be a birthday gift...so I'm trying really hard to wait 8 more days! All this Potter talk has really gotten me in the mood though, to watch all the movies again! I haven't seen them in ages, except for the newest one in theaters. But seeing as how I rarely ever get time to watch movies and my husband never wants to watch Potter since we've seen them all before, I haven't been able to!

Today my husband called and said he was going to the next town over where he goes to school to hang out with his buddies. It's finals week and after doing pretty poorly this morning on a final he has been studying really hard for, he just needed to get away and have some fun. I assumed they'd be doing something manly, like playing the Wii for extended periods of time. Then my husband called me back and wanted to know if the new Potter movie comes out today. I told him yes and not to buy it until he calls my mom first since I thought she was buying it for me for my birthday. He then wanted to know how many movies there were out so far(5 total)...he said he could only find 3. I explained The Chamber of Secrets is the only one we have on VHS...he was looking for DVDs. Anyway imagine my surprise when I found out he wasn't going to play the Wii...they were going to have a little Potter viewing party and watch them all one after the other!

First of all, I think this is incredibly cute. 3 grown men, getting together on a rainy(and snowy and cold) afternoon, to watch the Harry Potter series...3 tough guys, that usually sit around and drink beer while watching football or playing sports or war games on the Wii...

Second of all, come on! I'm so freaking jealous! And a teeny bit irritated. Why, WHY does he have to get in the mood to watch Potter when he's not with me?? And here I sit, bored as HELL at work w/ my lovely sinus headache...still wishing I had time to watch Potter.

Two things I know...
1. My husband really is adorable. I love him to pieces. He's so silly!
2. Jealousy is a bad attribute of mine. I'm totally jealous of his free time. And totally jealous of his friends for stealing my Potter time.

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