Thursday, December 6, 2007

Talk about Bridezilla!

The big day is almost here and I'm left combing the net for the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle. During my search I came across this site. This particular section really caught my eye:

Coordinating Hair Color

In addition to selecting a hairstyle for your bridesmaid you may want to consider coordinating their hair color as well. Having your bridesmaids’ hair colored to match or to reflect your wedding’s theme can be a great way to really step up the look of your wedding party, and it can also be a great bridesmaid gift.

And I thought when my best friend got married years ago and asked us to all wear the exact same shades of makeup as her(she was pale, I'm dark skinned and another bridesmaid was black--would NOT have worked!) that SHE had gone nutty! If someone went so far as to ask me to dye my hair for their wedding I think I would have to tell them just what I thought of that idea. Seriously, come on people!


Jaime said...

Just wow!! Talk about crazy. I suppose if someone paid to have my hair done, I'd consider but the costs for dresses, shoes, etc is already pushing it!

Erin said...

That is entirely ridiculous! Do people really do that?!?!?!?!

Kayce said...

That's hilarious! Who does that?!

Jaime said...

Oh if you mean me, yes lol.

I was once a bridesmaid and the bride picked out $170 dresses and $40 shoes. Then on top of that some jewerly and she wanted our hair in french twists.

I told her I simply couldn't afford it and offered to step down. She helped me pay for part of it. I just didn't have the money, especially for something like that.