Friday, December 7, 2007

All in 1 hour

I had errands to run today on my lunch break, and for once I was successful at completing all my tasks! I was able to find everything I set out to buy and then some!

Here are some of my purchases:

~I have been in search of tights for Hailey's Christmas outfit forever. I wanted rib knit cream colored tights. Sounds easy right? Oh no, I can't find them anywhere in her size! But today at Children's Place I found these cute pointelle tights in cream and white($5.00 a piece)...that way in case I decide to go with white instead of cream last minute, I'll be all set...her pictures are Monday at 10:00 am!

~We needed a white sweater for Hailey to wear with her dress tomorrow since it's so stinking cold out. Talk about waiting til the last minute! Luckily, good ol' Target saved the day. I found this adorable little sweater w/ puff sleeves for only $9.99! (Ok it's much cuter in person, this picture doesn't do it justice!)

~While in Target I happened to pass the display of flannel sheets. I had been wanting to get Hailey a set for weeks now, and I esp. loved a pattern they had there. They never had any of the twin sets in stock though! I got lucky today, they'd just gotten a shipment in! So now Hailey will have adorable flannel sheets for her bed!!!
~Then I headed over to Walmart and picked up this play kitchen as a favor to my mom. She's buying it for Hailey for Christmas and we were afraid the store would run out since it's only $38(it even makes noises/lights up and comes with all kinds of accessories!) thing I learned from this purchase--my car is way too small! You should have seen me trying everything imaginable to get this thing shoved in my car...I'm sure I looked rediculous! I finally got it to fit in the trunk...

I also got my sister and her fiance a $20.00 gift card to Target for their wedding and a bag of dark chocolate kisses(their favorite!) to enjoy on their honeymoon!

I'm hoping the day's good luck will continue and tonight will go smoothly and I'll get everything done that I need to!

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