Monday, December 17, 2007

An email from my mom this morning included this message...

"OMG, your birthday is Wednesday!!!"

This time of year it's really easy for people to forget my birthday....apparently including my own mother! LOL

My grandma called me Friday night to apologize for bringing me into the family mess. She said she shouldn't have said all that to me and she told me when she got off the phone with me she was really upset. I told her it's fine and assured her I'm still coming to Christmas dinner the Sunday before Christmas and that I still expected my ham and broccoli/cheese/rice casserole. :o) She was relieved that I forgave her. Now if only she would call and apologize to my sister...but I don't see that happening.

Hailey's Christmas pictures come in this Thursday, I'm so excited! That means Friday night I get to go frame shopping!! I can't wait to see how the big prints turned out...the package we bought included 2 collages and a 10x13. I'll come back and take these down after a week or 2, but here are a couple shots we got...keep in mind she was NOT in a good mood and she would NOT let go of her baby for anything. I think they turned out great and totally captured her personality...the last one esp. it shows how sassy she is... **PICTURES REMOVED**

We got Hailey's sitter an apple ornament that says "A++ Teacher" on it and put a picture of Hailey in the frame on it. I'm new to this whole gift giving to people who aren't family thing...I hope she likes it!


Jaime said...

She is a doll!! =)

Christina said...

She is so beautiful! Or, I am assuming that is her, as you never post pics of her ;-)

Merry Xmas to you guys!