Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Is it seriously only Tuesday?

I am so incredibly tired today. I have no energy. I stayed up late last night chopping veggies to put in the crock pot w/ a chicken this morning and baking a loaf of cranberry bread for an office luncheon at the Administration building today(that I didn't go to--I went to lunch w/ my sister and her husband instead). Nobody even opened the bread, they had so many goodies, so I'm peeved that I stayed up an extra hour last night, not getting to bed til about 1:00 in the morning, to bake this damn bread. At least we get to enjoy it tonight for dessert!

So like I said, I'm tired. And I'm so busy at work. I'm pushing myself to get anything done. I need to do some laundry tonight, and do dishes, and take a shower, SIGH. I invited my mom over for dinner, so at least she'll be there to help and keep me company. I went to the dr. today because my throat hurts and I wanted to make sure it's not strep since tomorrow is my bday and I'll be around people(it's not strep, just a cold) and we talked a little more about my stomach issues. I told her I went off the Amitiza because not only did it not do a damn thing for me but each day I got progressively sicker and sicker when I was on it, to the point where the last day I literally could not function and had to fight throwing up laying there in bed. She told me to try Miralex which I already have some of at home and haven't remembered to try yet(this weekend I will, I promise!)...then she lectured me on drinking more water every day and laying off the caffeine. GASP!!!! I told her I limit myself to one cup of coffee and one soda, or like 2 sodas and no coffee each day but that I'm so tired I NEED caffeine to function. She looked me in the eyes and said "No more caffeine." :o( Which honestly I'm not supposed to be having caffeine anyway because of my PVC's and PAC's(heart issues). But how am I supposed to function? She asked me again if I exercise, and I told her I run around after my daughter and that's about all the exercising I have the energy to do. She gave me a game plan involving this Miralex stuff, fiber pills (which have NEVER helped me in the past) and lots of water and no caffiene...and if that doesn't work she wants to send me to a GI. Which I've been to before on numerous occasions and all they ever tell me is to go see a Nutritionist or whatever they're called which my insurance does not cover. And my problem is not food, it's the physiology of my digestive system! Anyway...basically to sum this up, I'm exhausted and very upset about having caffeine cut out of my diet. Do you think the caffeine in chocolate counts? Because yea, I'm NOT cutting that out...

Okay so back to the chicken in the crock pot...I thought this sounded like a great idea! Throw the whole thing in there, throw in some veggies and spices and chicken stock and just let it cook all day! Then I cut off the plastic wrapping from the chicken and saw what looked like little hair sticking off the chicken skin here and there. WTF?!?! Seriously?? They don't completely de-feather these damn things?? That is so gross, I'm sorry. So now I'm sad, because I'm a bit grossed out to eat this food that cooked in with some little feather strands and I had been so excited at the idea of this meal. Me and raw meat, or any meat cooked or not that still resembles the animal it came from, do not mix well. I would prefer to think it's some generic product like broccoli or cheese...you know, something that didn't at one time eat and poop and have a beating heart. BLEGH. My mom is going to have to deal with the chicken skin before we can eat this thing. I just can't do it.

On a better note, we took Hailey to see the Christmas lights last night here in town at 2 of our favorite houses. She loved it!

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Jaime said...

Wow, those are lovely!!! Thanks for sharing those pics!