Monday, December 3, 2007


Well the new stomach meds aren't going to work...they make me so nauseous I can't even move. Totally not worth it. My grandpa told me about some stuff he uses that used to be available by prescription only and it's now available OTC, so I'm going to try that. I'm just so tired of dealing with it! BLAH

We were going to a friend's house the next town over Saturday night to watch the game on their big wide screen TV(for the record, I think these TV's are stupid--they make everybody look very wide...I hate the distorted image...but that's just my opinion) . I was hurrying to straighten my hair and I did something really stupid...clamped the thing down on my ear. I've never done this before in my life. I guess there's a first time for everything huh. My skin peeled off right away, and it hurt like heck. My sister is getting married this coming weekend, and I'm her only bridesmaid. And now I'm going to have a scabbed ear LOL Oh well, could be worse.

I'm feeling the time crunch for this month...there's still so much to do...
~Finish decorating the Christmas Tree (put the ornaments on and the skirt underneath)
~Finish decorating the house
~Finish buying presents
~Wrap presents
~My sister's wedding...the rehearsal is Friday night and she wants to hang out afterwards
~I finally got Hailey's Christmas outfit, now I just need to get a pair of cream colored tights
~Make appointment to get Hailey's pictures taken (where, when???)
~Take a good photo, upload, and order Christmas cards from Snapfish
~Get addresses together to send out Christmas cards
Ok the list goes on and on. It's all fun stuff, but I'm just a little stressed about getting everything done. Our camera and printer set is set to be delivered today, which means I'll have a note on my door when I get home from work telling me they tried to deliver it and they won't without a I'll have to call and give them the address to my mom's work which is right by my house. So, I'll probably get my camera tomorrow...and I'm really hoping it's awesome and I love it, because I may just go out and buy a black and a white flat sheet and hang them up in the living room and try to take the pictures myself!! We'll see... having pictures taken is just SO STRESSFUL and you hear bad things about all the cheaper places here in town (like Penneys, Sears and Walmart) but I don't have the money to go blow 500$ on professional pics, that's crazy! I keep wondering if life will ever slow down. It's always so hectic. I want so bad to take Hailey around to all the special places in town to see the Christmas lights, but when??? We never have time, and before we know it Christmas will have come and gone! I'm really craving some down time, and the only way I see that happening is if I go ahead and get all this stuff done ASAP so the rest of the month is semi-free. Wish me luck on that!

Now I feel the need to share a recent development...I think I've blogged before about how D doesn't do a whole lot with Hailey. It's always bothered me. Ever since our big blow up quite a while ago, that has changed. While he still doesn't do 99% of her care, as in feeding her, getting her dressed, changing diapers etc., he has formed a relationship with her that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to think about. Yesterday I was giving her a bath and he came in the bathroom. She told him "Daddy, get in! Pants off, shirt off!" That was my cue to leave...I left them to dump water in each other's faces(why does she cry when I'm rinsing out her hair but laugh hysterically when he dumps a cup of water over her face???)...I love doing laundry or dishes or whatever it is I need to do and hearing them laughing up a storm in the bathroom, splashing away. And something else that amazes me. Daddy is her new bedtime friend. She used to refuse to let anyone but me put her to bed. Now, if Daddy is home, he is who she chooses. And that's alright with me. I want her to feel safe and happy and warm with her dad and I want them to read books and snuggle and giggle and have that close relationship that I never had and always longed for with my dad. It's so special to me that she loves her daddy so much. Even though I do miss doing bedtime sometimes, if Hailey wants him I tell him to go ahead. Now I just have to remind myself to give him a little more freedom when he's doing things with when he actually made her a plate of food for breakfast yesterday and he squirt syrup all over her pancakes AND eggs, and I told him not to do that again. I should have just let him. One time eating a plate of food doused in syrup isn't going to kill her. And she still napped, even w/ all that sugar. He just does things differently, and I have to get over that. My way is not the only way. It's a work in progress, but I'm so happy with how it's coming along.

I feel all's amazing how tiny little things can make a difference. I took the advice of Erin and last night when I got home from the store I opened the big bag of Lays I bought for D's lunches and separated them into 6 individual lunch size baggies. I can't go so far as to make a week's worth of sandwiches at a time, as D wouldn't eat them if they were made that far in advance. But I DID pack his lunch the night before... so today he doesn't have to waste money on fast food and I still got to work on time! (Ok, I got to work 10 minutes late...but I feel cruddy ok? This new lunch routine will help tomorrow, I promise!) I've already come up with a couple New Years Resolutions(which I usually don't do) for this year...finding little ways like this to become more organized is one of them. The other is to slow down our lives a bit, not be so rushed all the time...but I think I've already posted about that :) My next project: a filing system for all the bills...I'm tired of the cascading piles on my dining table and bar!

By the way, I added a #4 to the HellMart post...

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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