Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's hard to believe in 3 days my little sister will be a married woman. I'm so incredibly excited for her, and so happy that she found such a wonderful guy to share her life with! Unfortunately he is being deployed again in February, and is stationed in CA so they'll only get to actually be together for a couple weeks before he leaves again. He'll be in training the whole month of January and not able to communicate with my sister. It'll be hard, but hopefully the time will fly by and they can be together again. Unfortunately this means her moving to CA for now, but I'm trying to not even think about that right now! Right now we're just excited for the wedding! I haven't gotten all dressed up like this since my own wedding 1 1/2 years ago! We're getting our hair done that morning together (I'm still trying to find a style for my medium length hair--I've only had long hair styles done before!) while my mom watches Hailey. !!!!! I just can't believe the wedding is almost here, and that my little baby sister is getting MARRIED!!! Where does time go??

By the way, I got my new camera/printer set yesterday in the mail, and I LOVE it! So I should be able to take lots of pictures of everything at the wedding (including the $250 dark chocolate covered fruit boquet that her future mother in law insisted she let her buy!!!--I am SO JEALOUS!)

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Jaime said...

Sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you and your sister are so close. This must be as exciting for you as it is for her and that is fantastic!!

Hope you're doing well! =)