Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wednesday randomness...

I’m so excited, I had ordered some scrapbook supplies from LTD and they came in yesterday. I thought the three kits would kind of help me get started, since the pages already have spots for pictures and such. They were only $4.95 a piece and they come with stickers and die cuts and 16 pages...


Friends & Family:

Four Seasons:

I also ordered these for $6.95 and they are SO neat...I love the little tags!

I'm planning on using the card table we have set up in the corner of the dining room as my scrapbook/photo album area once I get to cleaning it off. I also need to get some storage containers for my supplies. My mom has no interest in scrapbooking...she thinks they look neat, but that's about it. Well last night she was going on about how we need to get me some special scizzors and pens and such. I only have 1 pair of the scizzors and a few pens...I think black, purple, dark blue and silver. I already know some of the things to put on my Christmas list this year! My mother in law is going to be so excited...she loves shopping for us girls, esp. when she knows what we want! All I have to do is give her a list...I'm also asking for a new skillet this year. Mine is getting so old and I use it so much it's really wearing out! Anyway...anybody have any ideas for scrapbook supplies that I just shouldn't live without???

D'S HOME!! YAY!! So excited. It was so nice to walk into our bedroom to get dressed this morning and see him laying in bed. When I got Hailey up I told her Daddy was home and asked if she wanted to go see him and she smiled really big and said "uh huh!" She gave him a kiss and giggled. Hopefully he'll get home from practice in time to see her tonight. I think she really misses him. He misses her like crazy.

WELL...I'm finally done...I finally read the last Harry Potter! If you haven't read it and are going to, stop here, because I'm about to say a few things about it. First off, I think it was awesome. Loved it. It was my favorite one of all of them. There is one thing I'm confused on though. Why did the Elder Wand choose Draco as it's new master, and how did Harry know this?? Did I miss something? When he was talking to Voldemort in the end and he told him that, I was like WHAT?? I think I'll probably have to re-read the book eventually, I know I had to of missed some things. Now I don't know what I'm going to do over my lunch break! I used to be so excited to go read seems weird that they're over with. I can't imagine what the last movie is going to be like. All those deaths...I wonder how much they'll skip over and what they'll include. To me the whole story seems so important to the ending of the tale. I guess we'll see!

I made a major booboo. I've been so exhausted since D's been gone, from getting no sleep...I completely forgot to start my new pack of pills Sunday. I realized this yesterday. I was reading Kayce's comment on a post from a couple days ago and thought oh no... I took Monday and yesterday's pills last night and just skipped the first pill in the pack. Is that ok?? I hope I didn't totally screw up my cycle. It was just now finally getting back on track. I have to call my dr. at some point this month, see if she can give me 3 more months worth of samples. She had wanted me to go off them in October because we were going to start trying in December, but now that we're shooting for March or April I figure I'll take my last pack in December. But there isn't a generic for the brand I take, so my ins. makes me pay a crap load for them. Hopefully my dr. still has samples.

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! The weather here has been WONDERFUL!! I went home and changed last night and then took Hailey to the park. It was only 80 degrees, and dropping as the night went on. It was beautiful! Last night it got downright the 40's! I'm excited at being able to put different clothes on Hailey finally...her summer clothes were getting so boring! I put her little goucho capris on her this morning (hand me downs from my friend S--I actually bought them for her little girl a year or so ago!) and a jacket that, get from LAST SPRING! All her jackets/coats still fit her, how cool is that?? They were big on her last season. They're all 6-12 months. But now they fit her great! That reminds me, I noticed something this morning...Hailey is thinning out. I've noticed lately that she only gets her big buddha belly after she eats now. When she wakes up in the morning it's a normal little pudgy belly. This morning as I was changing her diaper I noticed I could see the white lines of her leg rolls on her upper/inner thighs. Up until now I've had to spread the roll apart to see down in there. Her legs are definately looking thinner. I was so afraid she was going to be a little fat kid. Not that there's anything wrong with being fat, except I don't want her to have any health problems from being overweight. That runs in D's family! Luckily he's escaped it. Anyway...she's definately not my little baby anymore. I'll have to post pictures soon...

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