Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I really feel like I need to explain a bit more about what led to my actions the other night. I've been feeling uncomfortable for a while now posting pictures and things on the internet. I hate it that I'm so paranoid, or that I have to be so paranoid. I love sharing things with you guys, and I love keeping up on all your lives. Then I saw an episode of CSI (seriously, I'm banning myself from watching this show...it's singlehandedly responsible for about 75% of my fears!!) where this woman found a family's website/blog and started taking info about their son and even pictures of him and altering the pictures to include her etc. She recognized the playground in the background of the pictures and would visit there often in hopes that the little boy would show up to play. She tried to kidnap him. I know I'm rediculous, it's just a TV show, but the sad fact is things like this DO happen. There is absolutely nothing to stop people from taking our pictures we post on our blogs and doing whatever they please with them, even if they are copyrighted. And any bits of personal info we put on our blogs can lead people right to us. I know I sound like a paranoid freak, I'm really not that bad. But I just started feeling really bad about the whole thing. I'd posted pics of Hailey around our house, at the parks in town etc. I'd posted pictures of myself and bits of info about the town I live in. It just started to make me really uneasy. PLUS, the fact that I was putting my extra time and energy into the blog, when I should have been putting it into writing things down about Hailey. I used to write things down daily...cute things she would do and say, milestones she'd reach...I guess I'm clinging to every little thing now because I don't remember hardly anything from the first 8 months of her life or so, since I didn't keep track of things back then...I have no idea when she got her first tooth etc! I have next to no free time, since I work full time, have to clean/cook etc. at home, take care of Hailey etc. so I got to where I quit writing all that stuff down and put some of it in the blog instead. The problem with this is, not only did I neglect Hailey's journal but none of you care about what Hailey learned to say each day or how I dumped milk on her head. The more I moved towards that sort of thing, the less people read, the less comments I got. I started being really boring apparently. But that's just my life right now. I don't have time for anything extra, and what can I say, I love my kid more than anything on the face of the earth, EVERYTHING she does is adorable and smart and silly to me! And let's face it, other than my close family nobody else is going to want to read such mundane daily details about my kid. So instead of putting things on here, I've starting writing them down for Hailey's journal again. I'm going to TRY to shift the focus of this blog, TRY to find other things to write about. Right now I am really busy at work. While "hate" might have been a strong word, I don't LOVE my job. Don't get me wrong, I'm still very happy here and I still am SO glad I moved here from the "hell hole"...but I don't want to be doing this specific job 2 years from now. I barely get a moment to breathe, let alone think about anything other than work. Accounts payable is just not fun! So, there you have it...


My sister and her fiance have decided yet again to change the plans for their wedding. Now they have decided on going to Vegas. It wouldn't be for me, but hey whatever works for them. The cool part though, is that they've offered to pay for my trip if I'll go with them and take pictures! The problem is, I'm terrified of flying!! I've never flown, and I have this huge irrational fear. Not just of the plane crashing, but of something so small and silly. My ears popping. I can't pop my ears! And I've heard this can be excruciating on flights! What do I do if I get up there and my ears are hurting so bad, and I can't pop my ears?? How does that all work? Besides that fact, I'm really excited about the whole thing. I've never been anywhere before, and come on a free trip?? I'd be nuts to pass that up. Plus I'd still get to see my sister get married, instead of them waiting til she gets to CA to do it w/out any family. They're thinking of doing it in the next month or two, so we'll see how the plans come along!

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