Thursday, September 13, 2007


Not a whole lot to write about today, it's been a normal day. Last night was great, D was home. He got Hailey ready for dinner, we ate together. She yelled at me "NO!" anytime I'd try to talk to D...she wanted her daddy all to herself! She was so excited to see him. When he droved up in the car she waved her arms and yelled "Daddy!" So cute... then D even cleaned her off while I finished eating and they went outside. We all sat outside on the back porch for a little while til it got dark. Then *gasp!* D gave Hailey a bath! He is just awesome. He stayed til I went to put Hailey to bed and then went to work. And because I knew he would be home soon I fell asleep at 10:15!!! YAY FOR SLEEP!! I'm not so groggy today.

Today I traded in my cell phone that I just got for a bit better model/brand. It was only 10$ to trade up...the neat thing though, is that when I told D this on the phone this afternoon he was in full support, saying I needed a good reliable phone that's going to last, not one that's going to keep going downhill on me. While this may seem completely normal to some people, this is everything to me. It's that whole "sticking up for me" thing again. Supporting my know that whole bit that we've had a problem with over the years. It's just really nice to have things finally falling into place. We get along so great now, he's been a great husband and a wonderful father! I'm loving it.

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