Thursday, September 20, 2007

Awesome day

So today started off kind of computer at work starting doing all kinds of funky things, and we had to call the IT guy out to fix it. Luckily, the guy they sent is my age, has things in common with my husband, and very easy to talk to. You'd never think it by looking at him...he's pretty easy on the eyes, dressed very nice...just not the kind of guy you'd think would be really down to earth. So anyway, I had someone to talk to all morning and keep me from getting incredibly bored at work! Turns out he knows my husband through college. Neat huh...small world. Then tonight after I finally took my cat to the vet to get her shots caught up and all that, I met up with Walgreen's girl and her son at this local play place for kids. Her sister came into town with her 3 year old son, and we all ate pizza, played and just had a blast! I'm very proud of myself, I've definately come out of my shell the last 5 years or so to the point where now I can just talk to random people without feeling shy or self conscious! Sometimes I do still feel a bit dumb when I'm talking to people, but I feel like I've known this girl forever, it's weird. She's my age too I found out, so that's neat. We have a lot in common. We had so much fun tonight, we're definately going to go there again and we made plans with Walgreen's girl to meet up with them again next week. I'm glad I took the initiative and gave her a call yesterday! Then we got home and I gave Hailey a bath. We had fun playing, and then we rocked and read books. I've realized something the past couple days...while Hailey may not be as agile as some other kids these days(she can climb and run, but she can't jump or slide on bigger slides and stuff yet) she is DEFINATELY a really fast learner. It literally takes about 10 seconds to teach her a new word, which includes how to say it and have her understand the meaning. I'm not joking, it's crazy. She knows hundreds of words now, speaks full sentences, it's just nuts! Tonight as we were reading one of her books she was asking "Where the star go?" and then she'd point and say "There it is!" It just amazes me, she's so little but yet she can talk like crazy. Then she was asking for a book called Busy Bugs. Usually she would just say "bug book" or something to that effect...not tonight...tonight it was "Busy Bugs mommy, read Busy Bugs!" And after we read it once..."read again!" Then as we were reading yet another book, she kept pointing at Mickey Mouse and saying "Mickey Mouse! Mickey Mouse! There he is! Mickey Mouse!" Where on earth did she learn that? We don't have anything Mickey except this one book, which to my knowledge we read for the first time tonight. Maybe they read about him at the sitters?? I have no idea, but I was shocked. She's growing up so fast...

Well it turns out I'm not going to Vegas to my sister's wedding after all. They found an affordable package that includes photography, so they really have no reason to spend that extra money on my ticket out there. The rest of the family is driving up 4 days before the wedding, but not only will we not all fit in one car, Hailey would NOT do well in the car that long. Could you imagine, a 17 month old in the car for like 10 hrs straight? That's just crazy. At least it would be for Hailey. She cannot sit still that long. So anyway, I'm a bit bummed...I won't be there to see my sister get married, and I'm missing out on another trip. But it's ok, at least I don't have to stress about FLYING!!

Ok I'll end this post w/ a story about a little boy I met at this play place we went to. He was the most adorable little thing. He walked up to me and sat down across from us. He was really pale, freckles, crazy big red curls...seriously he could have been straight out of a story incredibly sweet. He tells me the kid in the green shirt said he would be his best friend, but now he says he's not. And he said he really wants to be his best friend, so that makes him really sad. I felt so bad for him! I told him "I'm sorry sweety." I asked him how old he was and he held up 4 little fingers, and I asked him what his name was and he said "Sammy"...I told him that I like that name and told him my name and Hailey's name. He sat there looking sad, and said "I just really want him to be my best friend"...seriously I wanted to just pick him up and give him a big ol hug and go make that other boy be his best friend, I mean this kid was so sweet and cute and innocent...I just wanted to make it all better for him. I have no idea who his parents were, I didn't see anybody around...and I have no idea where he ran off to, he just kind of disappeared. I just thought it was so sweet that he came up and told me that. I must look really friendly.

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Wendy said...

That's too bad about your sisters wedding. Maybe the money will come your way somehow!!