Friday, September 14, 2007

Crying...and laughing...over spilled milk

I had one heck of a morning. First of all, I was running a few minutes late anyway. So things were a bit more frantic than usual. I had successfully changed Hailey's diaper, gotten her dressed and fixed her hair. I left her sitting on the living room floor. As I walked over to the recliner to get dressed myself, I heard her say "It stuck!" and as I look back I see her shaking her sippy cup of milk. I walked over, stood right next to her and proceeded to turn her milk cup upside down over my hand and squeezed. WHAT was I thinking. Obviously I wasn't thinking. I was just trying to see if the holes were clogged. After a while the holes on those Take N Toss cup lids start to close up. So of course, when I squeezed, the obvious happened. The lid popped right off, and the whole cup of milk splashed down on top of poor Hailey's head. It was dripping down her face...she was soaked from head to toe. My carpet was soaked in a circle about 3 ft. in diameter. My legs were soaked. I gasped, Hailey looked up at me like "what in the world just happened???" and as I started laughing, she started bawling. "MIIIIIIIIIIILK, MIIIIIIIIIIILK"...yes, she was crying over spilled milk. Seeing her sitting there on the floor covered in and surrounded by milk, and just the realization of the idiotic thing I just did, made me burst out laughing, I couldn't help it. I scooped her up in a towel and decided how best to handle the mess. I took her in her room, got her clean clothes. Took her wet clothes off(even her socks were soaked!), wiped us both off with baby wipes(no time for baths) and redressed Hailey in a clean/dry outfit. I wiped the milk out of her hair as best I could, then cleaned the carpet. Then dressed myself. Finally we were out the door, Hailey a happy little camper and me just laughing at my odd morning. Then halfway to the sitters Hailey realized she didn't have a boppy(pacifier). I told her I had one in my purse but it was pooey dirty so I'd have to have Heather was it off when we got there. So, on the very day she turns 17 months, when I had PLANNED on only giving her the boppy at naptime and bedtime to slowly wean her off of it...she starts wailing in the backseat..."WHYYYYYYYYYY, boppy, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" Then, holding her hands up in the air like she does when she's looking for something she wailed "Are you boppy, are you???????" as in "where are you"...then again, "WHYYYYYYYYYYYY." Oh it broke my heart and made me laugh at the same time. So dramatic. Obviously she's a little more attached to her pacifier than I thought. My automatic reaction was to think maybe we should hold off a little longer on getting rid of the boppy, until she understands better WHY we're getting rid of, big girls don't need boppies. But then I'm thinking, maybe this just goes to show if I don't get rid of it NOW, we'll have an even tougher problem getting rid of it later after she's had even more time to get attached to it??? Anyway, that's been my day so far!!

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