Monday, September 17, 2007

Late night realizations

So I was lying here in bed, unable to get to sleep. And I finally realized something...I've been using this blog as a journal, but not just as a way to get things off my chest etc...I've mixed milestones about Hailey in as well. I don't have time to write everything twice. If I write it in the blog, it doesn't make it to her journal. As a result, Hailey's daily journal ended about a month ago, and I feel absolutely horrible about this. I work 40+ hrs a week, I have housework to do PLUS spending time with Hailey. What little extra time I have I really need to be devoting to keeping track of our family memories better. This has really been bothering me lately. Instead of posting things/pictures in my blog I really need to be typing up journal entries and printing them for her journal. And it's started making me really nervous posting pictures on the internet. When I started this blog I said I wasn't going to post pictures. But who doesn't want to share their adorable kids?? So I caved, and started posting more and more. And oddly enough, the more pictures I posted, the less comments I got. I really don't see the point anymore, especially with the security risk these days. WOW I just realized this is all sounding incredibly negative...hmmm, I'm not meaning it that way. Basically, I went back and deleted most of the pictures of myself and Hailey I put on here. Lucky you if you happened to see them, and for those of you who didn't I'm sorry. I'm not closing the blog, but as my readers have seemingly dwindled my posts will probably be few and far between. I've become overwhelmingly busy at work, to the point where I am really hating my job and counting down the days til I can be a SAHM, so I just don't have time to post much anymore. I'm either taking time away from my work or staying up late at night to post. It's just too hard, being a working mom and trying to keep up with everything.

Hopefully now that this is taken care of I can get some sleep...

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