Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I remember...

>>> M. M. 9/11/2007 8:22 AM >>>
Hey what's up. msnbc is rebroadcasting the telecast from 2001 and I remember us watching it in C's cubicle......

Erin wrote: I was thinking of that this morning as I was getting ready. I don't know why, this is the first year I've actually like thought back to what I was doing that day and how I felt and such. I remember us all crammed into her cubicle watching on that little tv and we saw the 2nd plane hit. And work wouldn't let us go home. We didn't do any work for the rest of the day.

>>> M. M. 9/11/2007 8:42 AM >>>
it is so weird to watch it rehappen. I know how it ends and everybody on the news really seems to be so calm and all of that and i know what is coming!! I ended up taking half a day of vacation that day picked up E from daycare and went home because hubby didn't want me in town. i remember calling him and telling him to turn on the tv and he was like what channel and we were like it doesn't matter.... right now it seems really bad but we had no idea how much worse it was going to get when those things fell down

Erin wrote: I don't remember if D called me or I called D, but he had slept through both planes hitting the towers...his mom called him bawling and woke him up. His parents were on the way back from St. Louis. They'd been at a tournament(the pros) and rushed home when they heard what happened. D and I were supposed to go the next day. I was going to get to see Tiger Woods and all the pros, but of course the rest of the tournament was canceled because of what happened. D had no clue what was going on. He still had to go to school too, they didn't cancel class. Do you remember the freak out about gas then? People lining up at the pumps? The whole thing seems like ages ago, but then when I think about being there in C's cubicle with you all watching it happen it seems like just yesterday. I didn't know much about anything back then, so I didn't understand the full magnitude of what was happening. I still can't watch footage of it to this day, it makes me start to tear up. I remember the bodies falling...jeez.

M.M.: this is insane the first tower has fallen and the broadcasters don't even know it. they were just like oh a chunk fell off.........they just now figured it out. like 20 mins later. they are like oh that building is gone.......


For some reason as I was brushing my teeth this morning, it hit me. Today’s 9/11. In the years that have passed since that horrible day, the day has passed for me without much contemplation or thought on what happened that day 6 years ago. What happened was sad. Horrible. Indescribable. But it didn’t affect me personally. Not directly anyway. Then my sister’s boyfriend went to Iraq last year. He was miserable. We were terrified. What cause was he fighting for? None of us really knew. It seemed pointless. Thank God he came home safely. We’re praying everyday he doesn’t have to go back. So this morning the day has new meaning for me. That was the day the world changed. I remember going to work. I don’t remember who was the first to announce what was going on. I just remember all of us rushing over to C’s cubicle and watching on her tiny 5” black and white TV as they showed footage of the hole in the first tower. Then as we all watched, the second plane hit. We were all in shock. I had no idea what was going on. I knew nothing about politics; I had no interest in the government. All I knew is we were under attack. I was furious, and scared, and sad and confused. The president of the company came over the intercom. We would not be closing the office. We wouldn’t let life stop. Nevertheless, some people did go home, like my friend in the email above. We all spent the rest of the day talking. I remember D calling me, groggy from just waking up, confused as to what was going on. His mom had woken him up by calling him bawling. I remember telling him “What the hell was she bawling for??” She hadn’t seen the images, had only heard snippets of what was going on on the radio. And still she was barely able to speak. That confused me even more. I don’t really remember the events of the rest of the day. I don’t even remember what we did that night. The rest of the day is a blur. I just remember thinking…the world will never be the same.

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