Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Joanna and Jaime for the same meme...I've done my best to come up with 7 things nobody knows about me although it's been very hard since I'm such an open book (and I honestly have a hard time thinking of anything that incredibly interesting about myself!!). Here's my attempt...

Here are my rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.

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A. When I was around the ages of 2 to 4 my grandma watched me during the day while my mom worked. I grew to love the shows The Price is Right, This Old House...I grew up watching country line dancing, fishing shows, baseball and Julia Child. My mom and husband very much dislike these sorts of shows, with the exception of baseball and fishing for my husband. When I started preschool at about 4 years old I would cry in the morning because I knew The Price is Right was on and I wanted so badly to be sitting there with my grandma watching our show together.

B. As I've gotten older, I now hate being wet. I love the feeling of being clean, but I LOATHE getting wet. Every morning right after I get up as I'm sitting there on the toilet trying to wake up, I think to myself "GOD I wish I didn't have to wash my face..." I even dislike swimming unless it's really scorching hot outside and I need to cool off. I just HATE the feeling of being wet! (Which is odd seeing as how I wash my hands a million times a day.)

C. I have this insane fear of someone being in my house that shouldn't be there. Ever since I saw the episode of CSI where there was a man living in women's attics and peeking down through little drilled holes in their ceilings to stare down at them while they slept, showered etc. and then finally came down and murdered them...yea I've had a bit of an issue with that. It really didn't help when we moved into our townhouse and there were holes drilled in the ceiling in each room. I'm always imagining I hear somebody making noise up there and I'm always staring up at the holes to see if I can see anything. I even had this horribly scary dream one time about the people in the attic talking to me through the vents in the house, telling me they were going to take Hailey and I to a "better place" and I couldn't get out of the house--the fear I felt in that dream was so horrible I woke up having a panic attack and called my mom and packed Hailey up and went to her house. D was out of town at the time. When we moved in to the townhouse I had my father in law come over and hook my attic door shut so nobody in the attic could get it open. That episode was also the main reason I had to quit watching CSI.

D. I've always wished I could sing. Like really really sing. I LOVE singing. I just have a HORRIBLE singing voice. I won't sing in front of anybody. Not even my mom, husband or sister. I wouldn't even sing at the Garth concert we went to where it was so loud nobody could've heard me. Recently I started singing some in front of Hailey. She yells at me "Don't sing Mommy! Be quiet!" (Now of course this doesn't include singing songs like Old McDonald, Jingle Bells, The Animal Fair, Jesus Loves Me and Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog--or Joy to the World, whatever it's called--I'll sing those to Hailey any day...I mean like radio songs, to music). When I'm in the car by myself sometimes if I'm in the mood for music I'll put in a CD and sing so loud...I like to dream about going on American Idol. LOL

E. Like Jaime, I love all things 80's. I really miss the 80's. I loved everything about it. The comfy clothes, the awesome music, the toys...everything. I still have all my slap bracelets, troll dolls and cassette tapes. I love stretchy pants and big comfy sweatshirts. Things felt a lot simpler in the 80's. I really miss that feeling.

F. The butt of my jeans is always bagging to where I look like I dumped in my pants. Then I sit down and my butt crack pops out. It's a joke in my family. Hailey likes to walk up and poke her finger in my butt crack and say "I see you butt!" in a singsongy voice. No I don't wear ultra-low waisted jeans. I can't wear high waisted or belts because of my stomach issues. My butt crack baring is incredibly embarrassing so I'm constantly pulling my shirt down as I sit.

G. I actually do have hobbies, I just never get to do them. I LOVE bike riding. I wish I could get really into it, like biking long distances and have a really nice bike. A perfect day would be biking along the trail that runs through a little town near here along the bluff tops for hours in the Spring or Fall (with a stop at the winery for a bottle of wine and meat/cheese/fruit basket, YUM). I also LOVE photography. If I was rich I would have an incredibly nice camera, dark room, enlarger etc. I took photography in high school and showed real promise with my pictures. It really irritates me that I can't afford a good digital to get the same quality pictures as I do with my 35 mm...I don't have the patience to wait for film to be developed. If I could I would be a professional photographer. Not in a studio, but for like publications and just selling the prints etc. Another thing I got from my grandma, I love to do Fill-Ins. You know, like crossword puzzles except they just give you the list of words and have you fill it in where you think they go. I love gardening. In the spring time every year we make a trip to the farmer's market and load up our car with all kinds of pretty flowers and then spend the rest of the day planting. Unfortunately we've never lived anywhere we could plant anything in the ground so we've always had tons and tons of pots around. I plan on doing that this year with Hailey and am so excited! I'm going to start letting her pick out a new pot every year and dating it. By the time she moves out she will have accumulated enough pots for her own patio full of flowers!

So there you go, that's about all I could think of for the time being. I think most everybody I know how has probably been tagged for this one at some point some I'm just going to say if you want to do this, go for it! Leave me a comment that you did so I can go read your answers!


Joanna (Mof2) said...

I learned stuff about you that I didn't know. I sorta had the same fear, not of the people living in the attic...But...On 20/20 or Dateline years ago I saw where people moved into apts or renting houses and the landlords had drilled holes and set up live video feed to their own homes. This is HORRIBLY scarey!

Jaime said...

I love that 80's picture! LOL!

Erin said...

I've had that 80's picture on my MySpace page for quite a while now, I thought it would fit perfect into my answer LOL