Thursday, March 6, 2008

I wash my hands a LOT. Like a bajillion times a day. I'm a germophobe. Because of this, my hands are extremely dry and cracking in some spots to the point of bleeding sometimes. They are red, feel like sandpaper, and STING something awful. Lotion does nothing except make them sting worse. I didn't think it was THAT bad...until today, when somebody wouldn't touch my hands because of how they look...made me feel pretty crappy. I know they look bad but I didn't realize they looked THAT bad. :(


Wendy said...

Girl...I am going to mail you some lotion that I was given to talk about on my blog:) You will love it!! Works wonders!!!

Mof2 said...

The lotion Eucrin (I think that is they way you spell it). They make a hand lotion that comes in a small tube, it's pricy, or at least I think for the size compared to the price, but IT works. My husband washes his hands 50 million times a day and I picked this up for him and he was so thankful. It's sorta like a lotion/gel it fills in the cracks and stuff to heal them. It's great stuff!

Erin said...

The stuff I'm using now is called Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Hand Creme....OW it stings! :( I used to have some stuff called Crack Cream, it was a kind of gel like stuff and it worked GREAT, but that was a couple years ago and I couldn't find it anymore in the stores after my tube ran out early this winter!!

Erin said...

Try Eucerin or L'Occitane, it really works!

JAMIE said...

I swear by "Glaxal Base". It is the base cream that they use in prescriptions and is absolutley perfume free.
I myself can wash my hands multiple times a day but make sure to use a little bit after each wash and you would never know. You should be able to find it in your local drugstore.
I also used this cream on my son's excema and it cleared it up.
Best of luck to soft hands :)