Friday, March 7, 2008


Some ramblings from my Friday...

~Hailey fell out of bed this morning for the first time ever. For some reason she flipped down to the end of her bed, which she never does, and found the one spot on her bed the railing doesn't cover...I walked in her room this morning to find her teetering on the edge. So, the great mother that I am, I ran to get my camera. I took a picture, and then of course I ran to get my husband for him to see. So while I'm waking him up, we hear a "CLUNK, CLUNK"...she stayed wrapped in her tight little ball and fell onto the Tupperware container we have down for her to use as a step stool to get into bed, then fell onto the floor. I threw the camera onto the bed, ran into her room and snatched her up off the floor. She looked confused and sort of ticked off (I told her she fell out of bed), but she wasn't hurt at all. And she was in a great mood the rest of the morning!

~I got to work at 7:23 this morning, well in time for the 7:30 budget meeting. Go me! I feel really good about this, seeing as how I'm usually 5 minutes or more late to work every day.

~My mom has come down with the flu now too. I'm still eating my Cold-Eeze drops and praying to God Hailey and I don't get it. She wasn't as hoarse this morning, so hopefully that's a good sign.

~Looking forward to watching What Not to Wear tonight without any rude comments from my husband, since he's gone, and catching up on my taped Jon and Kate Plus 8 episodes! Also that new show on TLC where they give stay at home moms a chance to go back to work...

~So, as I said in my post yesterday, my life changes daily...last night while TRYING to take a nice, relaxing, hot bath, I had a few realizations.

  1. I'm sorry. I can't live with the noise from next door. I thought I could. But we'd had a couple good noiseless nights. Then last night I'm running my bath water and the music from next door (Guitar Hero? A stereo???) was thumping through the wall and I couldn't even take my bath in peace and it ticked me off! I can't live with the noise! I just can't!
  2. I'm paying $160 a month for physical therapy right now. And we're doing just fine. We're going out to eat, buying groceries and things, renting in the hell is that any different than paying an extra $100 towards rent/cable for a new *hopefully* less noisier place?? It's not!!
  3. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want more space. Sorry. I'm sick of the clutter in my house. So sick of it I could scream. Hailey's crib is still up in her bedroom, filled with stuffed animals, a tricycle and old clothes. Her high chair is still taking up massive amounts of space in the dining room and it hasn't been used for over a YEAR. Her stroller is also sitting in the dining room, used once every few months or so, if that, since she insists on walking everywhere now...I'm just tired of it. Some people don't mind my HUSBAND...but I do. Very badly. I don't even like to be at home because of it. One of the big reasons is because it's so hard to clean with clutter everywhere.

So Hailey and I are driving by the duplexes again tonight, to see how it is on a Friday night. My biggest fear above all is that we'll move and we'll get another noisy couple or family beside us. But I guess at least we'd have more room! My other fear is the money. Tournament season is tight, that's probably why this is such an issue in my mind right now...but that'll be done by the time we move and D will be working a lot more hours. So money shouldn't be an issue. Next semester of school he's not eligible for golf anymore, he'll just be coaching the girl's team to keep his hopefully he'll be able to work more than he can this semester. D signed the application last night. Now I just have to fill it out and turn it in.

~I had a Wendy's fish sandwich and a baked potato for lunch today. Yum!

~My boss likes to do my work. She can't get motivated this afternoon to do her own so she came and asked me for some of mine. Who in the heck is going to complain about that? I really do love my boss. She's a great person all around.

~Our conversations here at work seem to gravitate toward bathroom talk. Why is this such a hot topic amongst us? I hate to say, my family has never been shy about this topic so it's great that I can come to work and have a conversation with my female and male coworkers about suppositories and what it does to your bm's and whatnot...

~I'm dreading going home tonight...Hailey's shapes and foam puzzle is all over the living room floor. I need to sanitize everything since Dan's gone (does anybody know anything good to sanitize/disinfect fabrics? And what the hell the difference is between "Sanitize" and "Disinfect"???) I need to also change the bedsheets which is such a chore, wash all the blankets (My comforter doesn't really fit in the washer either...well I mean it does, but it takes a lot of shoving and cramming and doesn't get clean...), unload/reload the dishwasher (both sides of my sink are full and it's now over-flowing onto the counter) and cook dinner for Hailey and I.

~I get to sleep in my bed tonight finally. And I'll have it all to myself...double bonus!

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