Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend recap

This weekend went by really fast! The weather was beautiful. Another one of those "spring teasers" was so nice to be able to open up the windows and air out the house!

Friday night D and I were supposed to have our little date night. My mom came over to watch Hailey. D didn't even get home til almost 7:00 and took his sweet time getting ready! I was so irritated! Then his friend A called (the one that became a father to a little boy a few months ago--they came over for Super Bowl Sunday) and wanted us to meet them at Olive Garden and then go to a movie. They live 30 minutes out of town...I told him no WAY were we going to eat there and make it to a movie on time. Talk about a bummer! I was THIS close to having Olive Garden twice that day! We decided to just grab something fast separately and then meet up at the theater. D and I got our Wendy's (I stuffed myself) then ran by Target to get some movie candy (I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for candy I can get for a buck at Target or Walmart--D's friend said he wouldn't go to the movie w/ me and my contraband or something like that LOL) and ended up buying Hailey a Car's Easter basket! Like she needs it, I know...but we couldn't pass it up. We got her a couple little dollar items (Cars themed, of course) to put in it and also the Ratatoille (sp??) movie on sale for $10. Ok that last one was mostly for me. I really wanted to see that movie. I have yet to get to watch it, but from the few minutes I got to see while Hailey was semi-watching it I think I'll love it! Then we drove over to the theater (both of us belting out Rascall Flatts songs--good times!) and met A, his girlfriend K and our Mexican friend R. We love R, he makes everybody laugh non-stop! We saw Semi-Pro which I thought looked pretty stupid from the previews. It was hilarious! I laughed so hard I snorted. Afterwards they all came back to our house. My mom had watched Hailey at our house because she has a cold, so she was in bed sleeping. I love having people over, it's great. And I actually talked to K this time...normally she doesn't talk hardly at ALL. I guess she's shy?? Anyway we talked for a good 4 hours or so...nice and all, but GOD they didn't leave til almost 4:00 in the freaking morning! They were childless for the night...I had to get up w/ Hailey the next day! Luckily she slept til 10:30 he next day, the lovely darling that she is, and we were able to get a nap Saturday afternoon.

Saturday I was just about to head over to my dad's (you know, trying to stay on his good side) when a friend of the family called to see if I wanted to go to lunch with her at a local Chinese place. She told me she'd been craving a certain dish we love from there...huge coincidence because I've been craving it for like a month!! This lady is like another mom to me. We lived next door to them for years. Her daughter, the 27 year old that had her wedding in St. Louis in October of last year, has been one of my good friends since I was 10 years old. This lady, DS, has been a SAHM forever. She does the accounting for her husband's business. So she's always been home. Back in the day, even if nobody else was home, I'd go over and eat lunch with her. I think back then she saw me as sort of a bratty little kid. But now we get along so well, I think I'm better friends with her than my mom is these days! Actually during a recent phone conversation with DS, she told me I've really matured into a nice young woman (or something along those lines) and if you knew this woman, you'd be as shocked as I was. It's just not like her to be so sentimental and nice like that! Another thing that has brought us closer is the fact that they're like another set of grandparents to Hailey. They were so excited when they found out I was expecting (they don't have any real grandchildren yet) and they always call wanting to see Hailey. They're always buying her really thoughtful gifts too (they bought her a Jumperoo when she was about 7 months old and I was so touched I cried--we didn't have the money for one and DS knew how bad I wanted one for Hailey). ANYWHO...Hailey and I met her for lunch and it was so nice. I wish I had more time to just hang out with my close friends like that. It was well worth the 10 bucks I spent on my meal to sit and talk with a good friend for an hour! She even complimented my new shirt...which doesn't seem like much to most people but it really meant a lot to me coming from this woman. I really need to try and make more time in our lives for this family, especially this summer. DS is already making plans for Hailey to help us do our annual Spring flower plant at her house like we always do!

The few hours went okay at my dad's Saturday. Nothing major. We went on a walk w/ my brother, sister and cousin and I got to talk to my other brother for a little bit which made him happy. He's getting bored, he can't find a job. Hopefully he'll find something soon, his two boys are supposed to come for the summer.

So, for the big news...well, not huge, but big to me...we're moving this summer! This weekend was the last straw. We were cleaning the furnace closet yesterday while Hailey was napping (she was a DEVIL child yesterday, SO BAD...totally not like her!) and realize there's black mold spots growing all over our furnace and ductwork in there! I don't know for SURE that it's mold, but whatever it is it's icky looking. So, the place is too small...our yard always has dog crap in it from rude people that don't pick up after their pet...the air conditioner gets worse and worse every summer (last summer it quit working altogether and they refused to replace it, they just repaired it which will only last til this summer I'm sure), I can never get ahold of the rental agency, the traffic has REALLY picked up over there...and the last straw...the NOISY FREAKING PEOPLE that have moved in all around us. It's crazy. The Mexicans across the way are so quiet...until they get in their vehicles. I shit you not, their truck's music bumps so loud my windows all throughout my house rattle. All hours of the night. Our neighbors have taken to playing Guitar Hero or whatever til 4:00 in the morning. Their dogs bark a lot. And then last night the wind was blowing like crazy and the Guitar Hero neighbor's wind chime would NOT BE QUIET. It was so loud and it's right by Hailey's bedroom window and about 15 feet from ours. 1:30 am I was going to go take it down myself but they were still up...playing video I couldn't. I'm going on about 3 hours of sleep today! Did I mention how bad I hate our neighbors?? So I did some serious research today and found some places I'm super excited about! They're closer to Hailey's sitter. They're 1562 sqft (we only have 1200 now), 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, 1 car garage, fenced in backyards, and all 3 bedrooms are upstairs so the master isn't separated from the kids' rooms! And they're only 60$ more a month than we're paying now! We'll have to pay for cable too, so we'll really have to watch what we spend, but to have that extra room would be SO worth it! You have to get on a waiting list to get one this summer so I'm going to look at them tomorrow. D can't go unfortunately but he doesn't really care...he said he trusts me :) I'm driving my mom by there tonight after I get home from physical therapy. We're going to use our good ol' tax bonus to move that we get in May or whenever we're supposed to get them. Hopefully it all works out!

What all my hard "organizational" work resulted in yesterday--room for Hailey's toys in the hall closet! (I'm hoping family doesn't buy toys for her birthday this year--they've already spoiled her WAY too much!)

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