Friday, March 28, 2008

Male Pregnancy **UPDATED**

Has anybody else heard of this??? I'd heard about a man recently that is supposedly pregnant and went searching the net for info. I'm interested in odd things like that. I found the story that everybody's talking about right now...the man who supposedly used to be a woman but left all his female parts intact when he had his sex change, and his wife can't get pregnant so they impregnated "him" instead. Which yea, seems weird, but it's technically not a pregnant MAN.

But I also found something I hadn't heard anything about. A guy named Mr. Lee Mingwei that is really and truly a male but that has been impregnated in his abdominal cavity. I didn't know they'd actually really done this yet? I thought it was just something they were researching and had done in movie plots and whatnot. I'd read about how it would/could work, but didn't know they'd gone any farther with it. The site looks legit though and they show covers of big-name magazines covering the story. I'm a little shocked that this isn't making bigger news if it's the real deal.

I'm bookmarking the site on Mr. Lee...I don't know why I'm fascinated by medical "oddities" like this! I'm really curious to see if he actually delivers and comes through this whole ordeal okay...the delivery would be, theoretically, incredibly dangerous!

Anybody know anymore info on either of these stories?


Well that didn't take friend already updated me that the Lee story is fake. I KNEW it had to be, I mean it would be all over the news if it was real! Here's the link to the Snopes page about it if anyone's interested.

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