Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter weekend moments

Coloring eggs Friday night with D and I... (she's watching the egg in the colored water)

Hunting for eggs at the egg hunt Saturday morning...she had so much fun! She found about 7 or 8 eggs and they even had a little petting zoo there so she got to pet baby goats. Afterwards we went to Subway, her favorite "sandwich spot" for lunch. It was a really good morning! (She's wearing her new pink/purple fake crocs in this pic that she picked out Friday night at Payless--she made me try them on her in the store and then refused to take them off so I had to buy them! $10 to make her incredibly happy to have new favorite shoes...not bad I say!)

Hailey's Easter basket from the Easter Bunny... I also hid eggs for her all around the living room. She LOVES finding the eggs. We've been doing egg hunts since last week...she keeps asking us to re-hide the eggs so she can find them again! It's so cute to hear her guess what's in the egg. She whispers "a toy!" or "candy!" and if we hide empty eggs she opens each one as she finds it and says "Nuffin in there!"

The yummy salad I made to take to Easter dinner at my in-laws Sunday! (The cheese is hiding under all the veggies!)

Easter pics I took of Hailey...I'll come back and delete these in about a week but I wanted those of you that read regularly to be able to see her latest photos :) This was my first attempt at "professional" shots done myself...she's not big into having her picture taken so it was hard. The one would have been really good if she hadn't reached up and stuck her finger in her ear! Oh and she refused to wear the dress too, so she ended up wearing a sweat suit...the tags are still on the dress!

**Pictures deleted**


Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! Love her Easter dress! ;)

Joanna (Mof2) said...

I think she's adorable! Kelsie loves finding the eggs too. Her and Kayla have been hiding them ever since Easter. I am not sure when they will give it up. I find eggs every once in a while where Kayla hid it where she wasn't able to find.

Christina said...

She is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting them, and sorry easter was so crazy!

Jaime said...

She's such a cutie!!