Friday, March 7, 2008

Jabba the Laundry Hut

Seriously, my laundry has gotten out of control. The pile's getting so big I'm sure it's going to spring to life at any moment and eat me alive. Now part of this is the dirty bedding that D's been sleeping on for the past few nights. Since he's gone and I get the bed to myself tonight, I'm washing everything to kill the icky flu buggies. I do at least one load a night. I can never make any headway. I'm determined to make a dent in this mountain this weekend. I've already done two loads tonight!


Kristin said...

It looks like my house!!!

JAMIE said...

Good luck getting the laundry mountain down, I am currently sitting here staring at mine and still not doing it, lol!

Jaime said...

This looks so familiar...LOL!