Sunday, March 9, 2008


D won't be back from Oklahoma til Tuesday. I was really looking forward to the alone time until I realized I was starting to feel really crappy. My mom came down with a fever Friday and now has a 102 fever and the full on flu. I'm tired, coughing and now running a fever. It sucks because I pretty much know what's coming the next few days since my mom and D have already been going through it. Today I cleaned up the kitchen and did some laundry because I knew I wouldn't feel like it this week. I'm still hoping to God I don't get as sick as they have!! Everybody at work has had it too! :( I just REALLY don't want to get as sick as everybody else has been. Hopefully I can make it to work at least a few days this week...I don't have the sick time, since a sick kid always eats up all my sick time! Hailey is coughing a little and has a runny nose but she seems to feel fine. I thought she felt a little hot but that could just be because I'm hot...I took her temp and it was fine. And I haven't been able to sleep, and then when I finally am able to fall asleep the damn neighbors WAKE ME UP which really pisses me off. We are so moving this summer, screw the money. I can't even rest in my own house! Today Hailey went down for a nap and I FINALLY got to sleep about 1.5 hrs later and slept for MAYBE 20 minutes if that and BOOM BOOM BOOM the neighbors stupid music woke me up (the Mexicans--so quiet in their house but SO NOISY in their cars!)...seriously the loudest thumping music coming from a car I have EVER heard. What the hell is the point of that??? Woke both Hailey and I up! And let's not forget to mention the neighbors in the unit attached to ours...a husband and wife that are SO ANNOYING...loud video games/music thumping through the wall into Hailey's bedroom all hours of the day and night, to the point where my 2 year old daughter asks me to help her bang on her wall to make the music be quiet...and they slam their door all the is physically impossible for them to shut it quietly without shaking my kitchen wall, apparently. They used to NEVER be like this...then in the last 2 months or so they've become SO NOISY it's absolutely ridiculous!! I have no idea what changed them! Oh and the college kids that live around here now are just WONDERFUL. A guy last night was driving at least 40 mph in our DRIVEWAY, squealing tires the whole 15 ft. from my house. So unsafe. I hate college kids. When we moved in here, it was so nice and quiet. Hardly any traffic. Just in the last 6 months it's gotten more and more busy and loud. Even worse in the last few months. To the point where I can't stand to live here anymore! I'm going insane! This has been bothering me for quite a while now but it just blew up today because I'm sick and exhausted and I can't even get any rest in my own house. I HATE noisy people!! And now I'm seriously missing my husband. Thank God Hailey had a fairly good weekend (although she wouldn't pee or poop on the potty a single time this weekend all of a sudden!) because I had to do everything myself...she made it so easy on me though. I will be glad when D gets back though. Screw alone time. I need a hug.


Jaime said...

God, this post reminds me to be thankful of where I live now.

I used to live in an apartment complex and we had these people that lived on the corner, it was a single Mom and her son and daughter. The daughter and son acted like heathens when the Mom was at work, it SUCKED!

Then one day I came home from college and hurried upstairs to eat before work. I ran outside maybe 10 minutes later and someone had wrecked the entire side of my car (I'd just had it repainted too), from the hood to the bumper. They drove off too. Come to find out, it was the heathen son. He hit it, panicked and took off.

His Mom begged me to let her make payments, so I was stupid and agreed. I ended up having to press them for the money and never got a dime.

So I'm no longer that nice girl I once was in college. Lesson learned. But back to your entry, I'm sorry, I hope things look up, that your flu goes away and that you're able to move soon!!

Mof2 said...

*hugs*...I remember living in an apt in NC...the people above us stomped around ALL the time! I would always worry about them falling through, the noise was horrible. And I know those slamming doors...I didn't understand how a door could make so much noise downstairs. The people next to us weren't that bad, just their tv. I thought that they were probably some old couple that was deaf, but they weren't. They were just some young people who aparently liked to listen to the tv up as loud as it would go. It was horrible, all of it. I am glad to have a house, just for the noise issues. Although, now I have found a whole new meaning to HATING motorcycles. We live close to a stop light and it seems as if it starts turning yellow and they (the motorcycles) really turn on the gas and rev up and go for it. It's loud and before we had our windows replaced, it would rattle the glass. It was just that loud! I hope that you you are able to move, you will be so much happier!