Thursday, May 17, 2007

When I wake with the sunrise, I want more than just blue skies, I want more than just ok...

So things at the new job are interesting. There are 2 people in our group of 15 that apparently almost no one likes. One is the AP clerk, which I have complete and total sympathy for, after all I used to be an AP clerk and I know what a huge and sucky job it is. Everyone warned me of her when I started. Look out for B, she's mean and she may bite your head off for no reason. Surprise surprise...I've had NO problems with her. She loves me and thinks I'm so sweet and helpful. Because damnit I AM. The other girl(I guess I should say woman) is in kind of an interesting situation, and I really feel that she was unfairly judged and is disliked for the wrong reasons. As it turns out (and I learn more and more pieces of this "soap opera" every day) my boss used to be the head Accountant. When the Assistant Director left, my boss was promoted to that position. Instead of moving the next Accountant in line (there are three total) up to his position, he hired from outside. And it just so happens that the person he hired was his best friend's wife, who doesn't have a WHOLE lot of experience. She makes $60,000.00 a year. Come on! That's NUTS. And I just found out today, she's the boss of "AP B" and the other 2 accountants. Apparently, these are the reasons nobody likes her. They came straight out and said to me, "we don't like H." I thought they were joking at first. Not joking. They say she says "I'm important" and feels she's 3rd in line under the Assistant Director and Director. Ok, big deal. She's a really nice woman. She has a son a month older than Hailey, little H, that is adorable. She talks about her husband some, who she's obviously head over heels in love with. She likes to talk with me about our kids, or clothes or just anything. What's the problem?? I don't see why people don't like her. It's not her fault she got very lucky and had an inside route to an awesome paying job, right?? I say yay for her! I really do like all the people I work with, and that is no exaggeration. I really do. But it irritates me a bit how they sort of pick on these two women. And they all swear they love me and would never talk bad about me etc...but how on earth do I believe them when they're constantly bad-mouthing these other two? H has only been there 5 months now, so she's the other newbie besides me. I understand how she feels, it's hard to start off somewhere new, feel your place out, get people to like you. I don't even know where this post is going...basically it's just hard, because I want the big group to like me, so I have to listen to them talk bad about these other two...although I have told them that I'll be the judge myself of who I like and don't like, and they respect that totally(they are really good people)...I guess I'm just kind of in a hard spot. AP B knows everyone doesn't like her, and she knows they bitch about her to me, so hopefully she sees that I'm genuinely nice to her despite what the others say(I think she does see that in me)...but poor H doesn't have a clue what they think of her yet. I just feel so bad for her. Like today for example. I went into her office to take her her mail and she was crying...her sitter had called and said little H was screaming(keep in mind he's a 14 month old boy!)...and she said since he's not walking(he's crawling everywhere like crazy!!) and he's still eating baby food and he prefers to drink from a bottle, and now he screams randomly, she thinks something is wrong with him physically. !!! What the hell?? Who does that?? Who calls a mom at work and tells her "I think there's something wrong with your kid physically(developmentally)"????? So it upset her. She felt like a bad mom, and felt like God is there something wrong with my kid? I told her she needs to get him out of that place. Apparently they put her through crap like that all the time. She's going to check out Hailey's sitter. she took off at noon to go get him. What mom wouldn't? She ran out to rescue her little boy. I would do the same thing. Well after she left, J comes up to me and comments that she left..."she's sick all the time" she says. That's odd because the whole month + that I've been there she's never left sick... I told her why she left, and what does she say? "Well there could be something wrong with him." And then she left for lunch. ?? It's just so weird. And they judge people from the outside that come into the office too. It's just weird. I'm just not like that. It's a little hard for me to get used to. I'd have to say this is the ONLY thing I don't like about my new job.

By the way, Hailey's got adenoiditis or something like that...she's sick AGAIN. I feel so bad for her. She was doing so well too. Her throat is red/spotty(and no it's not strep) and she's got a fever. That's it. And she's fussy. You can tell her throat hurts, she's just so fussy. My poor baby. So if D can't handle her for the whole day tomorrow I'll have to stay home with her. Which I don't mind of course, but I'm afraid work will get irritated. But D just has no clue what to do with her these days. Honestly it makes me nervous to leave her home with him all day. Not that I don't think she'd survive the day of course, but just because I know he wouldn't feed her when she was hungry because he wouldn't understand when she points at her seat or the cabinet that she's hungry...he doesn't know what little of a routine/schedule that she has. She's not comforted by him when she doesn't feel well because she's not used to him anymore. What if she starts crying and won't stop? Will he remember to give her her medicine on time? He's a great dad, don't get me wrong. He just doesn't know her anymore. It'll take a little bit for him to get re-acquainted with her. And honestly, I've always felt odd leaving her with him. I grew up in a single-parent household. I'm used to the mom doing EVERYTHING. And that's how it is here. I do everything. Aside from a few mornings(which hasn't happened in a LONG time because of tournaments) that he gets up with her for a few hours and feeds her breakfast so I can sleep on a weekend day I do it all. Sometimes my mom helps. But most of the time it's just me. I love it, but it's hard when I need someone elses's help, like D. Nobody knows her like I do, except maybe my mom and the sitter. I really feel more comfortable leaving her at the sitter's than with D all day. Growing up without a dad did kind of scar me. The whole "dad" notion is just so foreign to me. I don't want Hailey to grow up like that too.

Well she's napping, and I'm tired so I'm going to try to lay down. Which means she'll wake up about 15 minutes after I fall asleep. And D's napping of course, because apparently he needs WAY more sleep than I do. SIGH :o)

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girl from florida said...

I think you are VERY perceptive with this job situation... if they spend so much time gossiping, be careful!! Who knows what they say when you're not around? I try to avoid people like that like the plague, although it's impossible in a job situation. Just try to stay out of it as much as possible and be super sweet to everyone (which I think you do anyway!) and they will all love you and find NOTHING bad to say :)