Friday, May 25, 2007

Can we say "pap smear?"

Today was the dreaded 1 yr. girly appointment. Sitting at my work desk this morning I suddenly had the wonderful thought that it might be fun to go pick up my squirt and take the rest of the day off! And just like that, I did. Have I mentioned my new job is absolutely awesome?? Yea. Anyway Hailey was an angel at the appointment. She sat on my belly during the exam. During the upper body part she pushed on my belly with the dr. and lifted up her shirt to show HER belly button. Then came the dreaded lower body exam, and of course my little snoop was trying to turn around and peek over the sheet to see what on earth was going on down there. What does my dr. say? "Can we say Pap Smear?" and then she giggled. Oh great I thought, that's going to be my daughter's new word for the day. So far it seems we've escaped that danger...she's just been a complete and udder stinker all day, telling everybody and everything "no!" while shaking her fat little finger. Anyway, I found out today that I've lost another 2 pounds since Tuesday...what gives?????? I'm down to 108. Ok I'm thinking I was 113 when I got pregnant, that's 5 lbs less than my pre-preg. weight. I sit on my butt about 2/3 of the day at work. Is running after a toddler really that much work? Goodness. I'm still eating like a pig...candy and soda all day at work, my usual bowl of ice cream after I eat my frozen dinner for lunch...afternoon snacks...dinner, and most days cereal for dessert. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I'm only 5'2", 108 doesn't look bad on me. I feel great (except for lack of bustiness from bfeeding and the dreaded stretch marks). I just don't get it. Oh well. Hopefully it'll slow down and stop.

D and Hailey and I decided to go to lunch today. This was the first time ever eating out with Hailey that she was OH.SO.BAD! I have no idea what got into her. She refused to sit in the highchair. Wanted to eat nothing but cucumber dipped in gobs of ranch dressing or ketchup with her fingers...wanted to crawl on the table, yelled at everybody around us...when a big group of people started laughing, she breaks out in this big fake laugh, mocking them. I know the people around us had to be so annoyed. It was an odd time so there weren't many people there, it was nice and quiet. Except for the stinker. I actually had to just box up my meal and bring it home. When we got home I stuck her in her crib and she fell right to sleep. She'd had a good nap this morning, but I guess she was still tired. She's STILL ASLEEP. It's been 3 hours! I'm thinking about going to wake her up. I got a good 2 hour nap in myself, so that was nice. I was going to run by the mall and get a few new summer shirts and hopefully a pair of khaki capris to wear to work, but I guess that'll have to wait til tomorrow. D's parents are coming over to watch Hailey so we can go to an 8:00 movie with A and T, D's 2 friends. I'm already having anxiety about leaving H...we just don't really ever have people watch her, and if we do it's my mom, and I don't worry about Hailey at all when she's with her. But I just don't like leaving her with anybody else, well besides the sitter. Is it bad when you'd prefer your mom or the sitter to watch your baby than your in-laws? Not that they won't take good care of her, but they just do things a little different and they don't know her that well because they hardly ever come around, so they aren't going to have a clue when she's tired(she's not obvious about it at all) or hungry or anything. And they wear their shoes in our house and aren't big on hand washing! So it kind of drives me nuts to leave her with them. I'm hoping she'll still be awake when we get home, so I can put her to bed...since she's taking such a long/late nap. SIGH...anyway we're seeing the 3rd Pirates movie. I didn't get the 2nd one, but it'll be nice to go to a movie for a change.

Gotta go wake up the squirt...hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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