Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thank You!

Well Hailey learned to say thank you today. It comes out something like "tant oo!" Good thing, because man has she ever been a pistol this weekend. Tantrums, defiance, "no!"'s been rough so far. I took Friday afternoon off because I had my lovely annual girly exam, and Hailey thought that was pretty interesting. She was really good there, but then it all went downhill. For the first time ever I had to just box up my meal at a restaurant and we left when D was done eating. This whole running around thing is difficult...because she wants to run everywhere, away from us.

On to some cute things about the squirt. Tonight I asked her where her paci was. She bent down and lifted up the pillow on the floor to look underneath. And then her Ark toy, and then her book, and then her easter basket. It was too cute. She also had her first Farmer's Market experience today. She had a lot of fun, and charmed one lady out of a cut daisy and a guy out of a really pretty plant. She had her first oatmeal cookie from a local bakery...they're a yearly Farmer's Market tradition for me, so that was really special. She loved it. And apparently she loves this rosemary herb focacia!! (sp??) She's so funny.

Well I went shopping for a couple hours today with my mom after she got off work, since none of my clothes are fitting me yet again. I found a really cute pair of khaki capris at AE, in freaking size wonder my 2's have been bagging off my butt like I dumped in my pants. A freaking size 0...seriously...I haven't been in a 0 since my senior year of highschool. This is getting insane. I also found 6 cute shirts and I bought myself a really comfy cute bra, which I totally deserve (at 25$) because I normally wear 7$ Walmart bras(which I actually love)... And I only spent like 150$ on all that. Talk about awesome bargains.

I'll end this short & sweet post with a few pictures...

I know you can barely see her here, but this pic is funny...she was sticking her face above the shute to her ball popper, letting the air blow in her face and her hair was going crazy...

This one is her crazy long hair in the bathtub!


And this is one from today at the Farmer's Market(which we went to with my mother in law, and it was really fun, we had a blast...Hailey danced to the guy playing the guitar and singing)



Ashley said...

Size 0? Really? Do you have to rub that in? I have NEVER in my life been a size 0. Ever. I want to know your secrets! I'm forever on a diet, I wish I could eat candy and pop and lose weight! SO not fair. Oh well. H looks so cute in the pic with you. Her little pony tails and outfit. I like your shirt too, is it one of the new ones? Doesn't getting new clothes make you feel great?

Wendy said...

Size 0? You look great! I don't think that I could ever get to that size:) Hailey is so beautiful!! She really does have a lot of hair! Love it!

Kristin said...

The bath picture is a keeper!!! It reminds me of the dwarfs in The Wizard of Oz :)