Saturday, May 5, 2007

I'm a big kid now

I love it that Hailey can tell us what she wants now. All we have to do is ask her..."do you want to listen to music?" An enthusiastic head nod is the result. She dances like crazy, swaying back and forth in her car seat. I can tell she's getting tired. "Do you want to listen to more music?" A tired head shake. So I turn it off, and she's happy. I absolutely love this new thing she's mastered called communication. She may not be able to speak like we do, but she sure knows what we're asking and how to respond w/ her wants. She has, however, spoken her first sentence. Not quite 13 months, and a short sentence, but a sentence all the same. "More baba." When her milks gone, and she wants more in her bottle, "More baba." I'm so proud.

We turned her car seat around to face forward today. She loves it. I imagine she feels like part of the family now while we're in the car, able to see all that we're doing and have conversations with us. Oh yea and I get to see how she dances like crazy to music. Love it!

We went out for pizza tonight as a family. We had a gift certificate for our favorite pizza place left over from xmas, so we finally used it. Pizza on Cinco de Mayo...oh well we had fun :o)

I've started reading The Undomestic Goddess again...I finished The Giver, in case anyone noticed on my "I'm Currently Reading" section. I forgot how un-satisfying the ending is to that book. It always did leave me wondering what the heck happened next. I wish they'd written a second book, to follow up on what happens to them. All the same, it's still an awesome book. So now I'm back to The Undomestic Goddess, which I had a hard time getting into before. And I'm still having a hard time getting into it! I LOVE Sophie Kinsella's books, the Shopaholic series is awesome. But this one isn't as wonderful. Luckily I found my 4th shopaholic book, "Shopaholic and Sister" as I was cleaning my car this evening. YEA! It's been missing since I left my other job. I was afraid it was gone forever. So, once again I think I may have to put aside the Goddess book and go back to my good ol' Shopaholic series. After all, the 5th book, Shopaholic and Baby has come out, and I haven't even read the 4th book yet! Does anybody else read?

Alright so weird crap always happens to me. Today I put Hailey down to a nap and thought I'd take the opportunity to take a shower. I replaced the batteries in the monitor receiver since we haven't used it forever and it was dead, and I began taking a nice hot shower. I had to take it in the master bath so I wouldn't wake Hailey up, and in that bathroom all we have is the shower stall, not a tub. So I'm shaving my legs and the water is running down right on me. So of course I go to adjust the shower head, right? Easy enough, right? NO. Not for me it's not. I grab the shower head, go to adjust it, and POP it breaks and snaps clean off the pipe and PEGS ME IN THE FORHEAD! Talk about freaking hurting. So it bounces off my head and falls loudly to the floor, knocking over all the soap bottles. Thank God it didn't wake Hailey up. But now I have a big red line on my forhead that won't go away. And it gave me a big headache. And now we have no shower head...

My mom took me to Kohl's today and bought me a shirt and a pair of black pants for work. I need new clothes bad, I have nothing for summer since I'm 2 sizes smaller than I was last summer. I have no capris that fit, one pair of shorts which I'll hardly ever wear, and 2 pairs of jeans that bag off my butt like I dumped in my pants and my underwear pokes out the top(because like I said before, that's how I roll)...I am rattier than ratty looking. And I don't look 24. I'm tired of getting looks like "jeez, teen mom" I'm cleaning out all my old clothes and getting rid of them, and I'm going to slowly accumulate more mature "my age" clothing that actually fits. For that to occur I need more money and to quit losing weight. We'll see if that happens...

I took a 13 gallon trash bag of baby stuff to the local Children's Orchard today. I'm excited! They're supposed to call me in 3 to 5 days and tell me what they'll give me for it. I've got a few more things I'm going to take when I pick up the check, if they pay me halfway decent for what I took today. Hell if they pay me well enough, I'm thinking I could make a little extra money off this plan is, if the pay's decent for these items, I'm going to start going to garage sales on the weekends and picking up good clothes and things for really cheap and then sell them to this place for more than what I paid for them. We'll see if it works out. The extra money would be nice!

Alright I'm off to spend time with D since he's in town this weekend...

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Wendy said...

We have that same carseat! HA! I can't wait to turn Lani around. I know that it is safer, but I know that she would love to be able to see us! Luckily Wesley is willing to keep her occupied for most road trips!

Hope that your head is okay. Don't you just love when stuff like that happens?